Bradley Jay: ‘You Cannot Go Overboard When It Comes To Christmas Decorations.’

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A home Christmas display that rivals the glitz of a Vegas strip casino smacks of something that has very little to do with the so called “real meaning of Christmas.”

And I say, ‘so what!’ I love those crazy, over the top, displays.

But not because they make me think of family or the baby Jesus. I like them because they are like Vegas with all it’s excess. Just like Vegas, it makes us forget our problems just for a moment, and feel like kids again.

So Mr. and Mrs. “I must have more Christmas lights on my property than anybody else in town, “go ahead and have your fun.

I applaud you.

If you want to foot the electric bill, offend the neighbors with your tacky glittering excess, and make your house visible from space, I applaud you.

While your lights would likely blind the baby Jesus, he would forgive you, because that’s what he does. He forgives.

And that my friends, is what Christmas is all about. Forgiveness.

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