By Nick Cattles, 98.5 The Sports Hub

BOSTON (CBS) – Each week 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Nick Cattles will bring you 10 things he noticed from the week in Fantasy Football, and how it will all help your team.

10) He’s Baaaaaaaaaack – It’s understandable that you might be hesitant in playing Miles Austin, because he’s seemingly one move away from popping another hammy. But, Austin is finally looking healthy, getting eight targets against Tampa Bay this past week and could help you win a Super Bowl.

9) There’s Always Next Year – A lot of expectations were thrown out there for both Josh Freeman and Mike Williams before the year began. Unfortunately, neither player really did a ton for you this season. If you want to eye one of the two next season, Mike Williams will likely be the more effective.

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8) He Might Not Be Worthless! – This writer wasn’t thrilled with the prospects of using CJ Spiller in your lineup this season, after a lackluster rookie campaign. However, over the past 2-3 weeks, Spiller has shown his fantasy value, especially as a receiver. The only question is, how much run does Spiller get when Fred Jackson comes back?

7) Locker To Washington – If you had to keep an eye on one promising, but overlooked, combination heading into next season, you probably want to look down in Tennessee. Has anyone noticed that when Jake Locker gets under center, Nate Washington’s numbers go through the roof? This writer has…Keep that in mind for draft time next season.

6) New Offense in Indy? – We’ve heard all the Peyton Manning chatter, but you also have to wonder if Indy will revamp their entire offense. Joseph Addai has been in and out of the lineup for another season, while Donald Brown has shown that he might be worth something after all. It’s easily conceivable that by this time next year, we could be talking about Andrew Luck, Donald Brown and Indy’s #1 wide receiver, Pierre Garcon.

5) When Manning’s Bad, He’s Really Bad – Much praise has been heaped upon Eli Manning this season and deservedly so. However, good ‘ole Eli probably cost a ton of fantasy teams in the playoffs this past week putting up a stinker versus Washington. It has to be something the Redskins do defensively, because it was Eli’s second ugly game against his NFC East foe. Don’t be swayed by those two mediocre showings, Eli should still be considered well within the top-10 of QB’s next season.

4) The Grass is Plenty Green – Hopefully, by now, you’ve all realized that AJ Green is absolutely, positively, 100%, legit. No matter the match up, the rookie Bengal has earned every week starter status. This past week, Green helped his owners again with a 6-catch 115-yard performance versus the Rams. If Green’s not picked as a top-15 receiver next year in your draft, your league has issues.

3) Big Step Back in St. Louis – The hype was there…Sam Bradford was coming off of a promising rookie season and had Josh McDaniels, seen by many as an offensive guru, calling his plays. Well, sometimes things don’t work out as you hope. Bradford’s had a lost year, while the Rams Offense has struggled. Look for the Rams to start over next season with Bradford, Steven Jackson and Brandon Lloyd as the main ingredients in a revived offense.

2) The QB No One’s Watching – Arizona went out to find their starting QB of the future this offseason, but might have not realized they already had the guy. Fantasy owners figured Kevin Kolb would be the guy to lead Arizona back to the top of the division, but Kolb left everyone wanting more…again. Meanwhile, John Skelton has stepped right in, won games and has tallied some decent numbers. Skelton’s not going to blow you away, but don’t be surprised if Arizona’s looking deep into their QB conundrum this offseason.

1) Tough To Look Past McCoy – There are a number of backs that could be taken in the top of drafts next season, including, Ray Rice and Arian Foster. But, is it too enticing to pass on LeSean McCoy? McCoy can do it on the ground and through the air and has erased the stigma that he doesn’t score touchdowns. Either way, the top-3 running backs next year look incredibly solid and dangerous.

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