During the last shows for 2011 Toucher & Rich took a look back at the shows of the year and handed out some awards.

The last category T&R doled out an award for was Best Drunken Recap of the year. Will a woman outside a WWE event take the CHA CHI this year?

What about a guy who was upset with how much some Red Sox players get paid to suck? Or the steak and eggs guy from a few weeks ago?

Maybe the guy that loves wrestling from the second time the WWE came to town or the guy from Turkey who doesn’t like fat chicks?

So many good ones it’s hard to call.

Toucher & Rich only have one more show left in 2011 so it’s time to take a look back at the shows and hand out some awards.

The first category the guys tackled today was the word or name Adolfo had the hardest time pronouncing in 2011. The nominees included Vince McMahon, general manager, Indianapolis and Roberto Luongo. Which one took home the Cha Chi for 2011?

The second category of the day featured the most mind-blowingly awesome thing that happened in 2011 that T&R had little or nothing to do with. Did the award go to the death of Osama bin Laden, Brandon Meriweather’s rap song VIP or the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup?

Listen to find out:

The first category the guys looked at was the Worst Interview of 2011. There have been some bad ones this year, but who will take home the Cha Chi? The weekly Rob Gronkowski interviews have been better, but early on it was touch and go or what about a guest they had to hang up on for swearing or the pig farmer who was good at fantasy baseball.

The second award was for the Best New Bit of 2011 and boy there were some great ones. We all loved Goucher Goes to the Movies, Is It Sylvester the Cat or Lou Holtz, ‘Rad’ Marchand and the huge 98 Mile Rap Battle, but what bit ruled the year?

Listen to find out:


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