The NBA regular season starts on Christmas with five great games. The Celtics and Knicks kickoff the season at noon.

Gary Tanguay talked with Toucher & Rich about the players the Celtics have, Jermaine O’Neal, the money situation and his wish for this team.

Are the Celtics in big trouble this season?

“Well it’s a different type of year. I mean in the past with this group, we’ve always said, ‘Jeez you know they’re contending for a championship,’ but they’re not that’s the reality of it,” Tanguay said. “They are the underdog old guys and maybe they get in the playoffs and find some magic and they can make it tough on some people.”

The reports out of camp are that Jermaine O’Neal is having the best preseason out of anyone on the team. Can he really be the solution this team needs?

“Probably not. I think they are going to go small a lot and I think is he going to stay healthy for the entire season…Jermaine hasn’t been the player he was with the Pacers in some time now,” said Tanguay.

The guys also talked about the money the Celtics have to spend from the money that Jeff Green won’t be getting. Gary also filled the guys in on what his wish list was for this Celtics team.

“My wish list was somehow, someway, Doc Rivers could put a sales pitch on Dwight Howard and after KG and Ray retire or their contracts are off the books for the Celtics you turn the corner and have a Dwight Howard-Rondo combination, but that’s obviously not going to happen. That was a Tanguay fantasy.”

Listen to the whole discussion:


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