BOSTON (AP) — Attorney General Martha Coakley says Verizon New England has agreed to pay more than $800,000 to resolve allegations it overcharged local communities for telephone service.

Coakley said as a result of a systemic billing error, Verizon repeatedly overcharged hundreds of local cities and towns. She said some invoices were sent after Verizon became aware of the error.

Verizon has since refunded the overcharged amounts which totaled $1.5 million.

Verizon spokesman Phil Santoro says the billing error was inadvertent and there’s no admission of wrongdoing. He said Verizon has cooperated fully and refunded all overpayments.

Coakley said Friday that the $800,000 is equal to twice the interest that would have accrued on the overcharged amounts. It also covers the cost of the state’s investigation.

Copyright 2011 The Associated Press.

  1. donny says:

    So Verizon overcharged “communities”?… or customers who live in those “communities”?…

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