ANDOVER (CBS) – The double murder at an Andover mansion earlier this week appeared to be well-planned, according to a broadcast report.

The bodies of real estate developer John Magee, 69, and his wife Geraldine, 67, were found in their home Wednesday morning, by their daughter and grandchildren as they arrived for their weekly visit.

magees Report: Andover Double Murder Was Well Planned

John Magee and his wife Geraldine.

The couple had been shot to death.

ABC News reported Friday that all the shell casings were taken from the scene before detectives arrived. The couple was reportedly found lying head-to-head, shot in their necks.

Police have called the killings “an isolated act” and said the public wasn’t in danger, citing circumstances in the case that they would not elaborate on.

The chief said the home’s door was unlocked and there were no signs of a break-in.

Magee ran Magee Construction Co., which was founded by his father in 1951 and eventually developed a specialty in luxury homes, according to a company web site. The company’s projects included the spacious home where Magee lived with his wife of more than 40 years.

Magee was in the process of turning the business over to his son.

The Magee family released a statement about the murders.

“The family of Jeri and Jack Magee would like to thank all of those who have expressed their sympathy and offered their prayers. Jeri and Jack were wonderful individuals and a gift to all who knew them. We will miss them dearly. The family would like to express its gratitude to the Andover and State Police Departments, the Essex County D.A.’s Office and the state agencies who are working so diligently to solve this tragic and senseless crime.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports

The families are not able to make any further statements at this time as they are cooperating with the investigation. As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for the families and they ask that the public, and especially the media, respect their privacy and allow them time to grieve and deal with this tragedy.”

Comments (9)
  1. MarkK says:

    Sounds like a mob hit. How much you wanna bet they will never find the hit men.

    1. Marc McCormick says:

      Why would the Mob leave a murder victim’s car in their own neighborhood?

      That’s similar to parking the murder victim’s car in your driveway, then hoping you won’t be connected.

      I think someone wants the Police to “think” this is a “Mob Hit.”

      What do you think?

  2. Buddy says:

    Yeah Okay, Just l;ike they would never find Whitey. No question it’s got to do with money. Andover can’t handle this kind ofcase so hopefully the state police have taken over.

  3. Echo says:

    I wonder how the business is doing? Lots of losses? How much was mom & dads Life ins. worth?

  4. Marc McCormick says:

    How come “Mob Hitmen” are never found, but everyday murderers are found within 2-3 days ??

    I don’t get it !!

  5. Marc McCormick says:

    I do not believe this is a “Mob Hit.”

    I think someone tried to make this look like a Mob Hit to throw off Law Enforcement.

    — Why would a Professional Mob Hitman dispose of the family SUV in their own neighborhood out of all of the neighborhoods in Mass. ??
    — Why would a Professional Mob Hitman take the family SUV ??…… What would be the point?

    1. mary says:

      so the police would find the car and they would go to the house before the dauhgter found the parents.

  6. skentsan says:

    Union (mob – same thing) pay-off problem I’d bet

  7. anderson says:

    well looks like if his kid gets the buisness he willbe laying next to his parents if he does not pay up

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