BOSTON (CBS) – With Tim Tebow seemingly taking over the NFL, and the country, so has his famous act of “Tebowing.”

Fans have been getting down on one knee and to pray like the Broncos quarterback, and letting the world know it on Twitter.

But with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski setting NFL records, breaking tackles and running over anyone in his way, “Gronking” may not be too far behind.

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Each time Gronkowski scores a touchdown, the second-year tight end winds up and delivers a powerful and emphatic spike. With each touchdown he scores, he’s up to 16 this season, the spikes seem to get harder and more earth-rattling.

With that, “Gronking” was born.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich decided to show the country it isn’t just about “Tebowing,” prompting listeners to submit their own “Gronking” photos. Fans sent in pictures of themselves ready to spike nearly everything, from bicycles to school books to puppies, and even their own children.

Gallery: Fans Send In ‘Gronking” Photos

ESPN picked it up, showing off a few of the photos, and even Gronkowski himself has seen what his spikes have led to.

“That was pretty impressive. There was a parent with my jersey on with his kid in the air, spiking his kid. I saw that one, which was awesome,” Gronkowski said Thursday on his weekly appearance on Toucher & Rich. “The fact that it made ESPN through you guys, that’s pretty impressive and pretty cool at the same time.”

Some of the kids got in on the fun as well, with one youngster breaking the golden “Elf On A Shelf” rule to show off his “Gronking” pride.

So which celebration will reign supreme on Sunday? Only time will tell. But keep the photos coming!

Send in your “Gronking” Photos to Toucher and Rich on twitter @toucherandrich or email them to!

Comments (83)
  1. david7590 says:

    No one is “Gronking”, no one even knows what that is.

    1. Judge Judy says:

      just one more pathetic leftist journalist, jumping on a bandwagon with a made-up bunch of crap to draw attention to himself.

      Problem is, nobody knows who this journalist is, or gives a shit.

    2. Jim Dea says:

      I thought that spiking the ball after a TD was banned in the NFL> I wonder when praying will be banned. Probably after the hype of this season wears off

  2. John Moser says:

    WhoTF is Gronk? Oh yeah, I don’t care.

  3. JT says:

    NFL teams are making a ‘statement’ against the Patriots defense by ‘SCORING!”

    1. Gronkisamonster says:

      and then “Losing!”

      1. JJV says:

        LOL, Pat’s are great…sure they are. Except they have gone NOWHERE in the post season for about 6 years and with their crappy secondary won’t be winning anything soon.

        Rather then having a rep for being a great quarterback your Tom “pussy” Brady is best known for whining to the officials about being hit to hard and begging for them to throw a flag.

  4. Pocho Basura says:

    Im sure the Gronkster is rightfully embarassed……….

  5. maldo says:

    No one outside of one neighborhood in Boston is “Gronking” nor does anyone care. However after Sunday all of New England will be “SOBBING” after the TEBOW TANK runs over their beloved Patriots!

    1. Brad says:

      24-5 dating back to last year. good luck. lol your going to need it

  6. CheeseKing says:

    Only one team’s fans get to do “The Belt” everyone else can gronk or Tebow or whatever.

    1. Sam says:

      The belt is gay, just like Erin.

  7. Today's Patriot says:

    GRONKING: A verb used to describe a malfunctioning computer.

  8. SoonerJJ says:

    Puppies??? BAaahahaha!

  9. Joe says:

    One is giving praise to God, the other is giving praise to himself.

    1. Brad says:

      and the one giving praise to himself will be on the winning team.
      Then what happens to your world?

      1. Joe says:

        Absolutely nothing… he’ll still be praising God no matter what the outcome, because he understands it to be more than himself

      2. amitore says:

        His glory will wither away, like the grass on the field.God’s Glory will last for ever.

      3. chaffer says:

        Well spoken, Joe. I think you don’t quite get it, Brad.

    2. itspossible says:

      Maybe Gronk is throwing the ball at the devil?

    3. fel121 says:

      21st century and man is still praying to rocks, beads and invisible sky fairies, is it any wonder this planet is as fraked up as it is; yes I am sure the creator of the universe spends it days and nights worried about what a bunch of upright monkey men are doing on some insignificant mote of dust on the out edge of the one galaxy.

      Grow up people.

      1. oldpink says:

        You respond that way, and you actually tell others to grow up?

    4. Woody Livingston says:

      Giving praise to God in front of cameras is arrogant and prideful, God hates pride!!


      1. Darin Warren says:

        You are assuming his motive is to bring glory to himself, and not to God, who rightly deserves it, in front of cameras and the lost world.

  10. Malachi says:

    gronking their pets? sounds like a bunch of dic*heads to me

  11. BARNEY FRANK says:

    I “GRONK” my boyfriend on the cape every weekend when I’m home from Congress.

    1. Fixed that for you says:

      ‘I “GWONK” my boyfwend on the cape evewy weekend when I’m home from Congwess.

      1. Jack Klompus says:

        well done

  12. Brian Chenoweth says:

    Last time I checked he Gronkinged BiBi Jones…Manworship

  13. hazel Burke says:

    Isn’t he the one who was caught hiring prostitutes?

  14. Ron says:

    Gronk means loser. Look it up on the urban dictionary.


    Toucher and Rich are gronks

  15. Ron says:

    Gronk means loser. Urban dictionary. So sad they cant be original.

    Let me see those photos of all the losers!!!

  16. Real Rick says:

    Isn’t “spiking” the football render a penalty and fine? Not griping, just seems like they took that ‘right’ away.

  17. John In Michigan says:

    Everyone is “Gronking?” Yawn. It sounds like an intestinal disorder.

    This is nothing but another media effort to mock a genuinely decent guy (Tebow) who isn’t in love with himself.

    Gotta stir the pot, right? We can’t have someone actually (shudder) praying on the field, or telling the world that pro football isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things.

    I seriously doubt that anyone outside of the Boston area cares.

  18. fraud detector says:

    who cares?

  19. Capt. Ron says:

    gronker=one who can perform self-feillatio

  20. JJV says:

    LOL, before this stupid article i never even heard of “gronking”. This is the liberal Christian hating media attempting to take some of the glow from Tim Tebow because they simply cannot STAND to see a religious man succeed in the NFL, especially one the have been saying can’t possibly succeed because he’s not good enough.

  21. Ed Dell says:

    Funny…sports center has been consumed with Tim Tebow for the last 2 weeks… his name is brought up in Presidential debates to describe a “winner!”
    On the other hand I have NEVER heard of “Gronking” other than to describe bending at the waist far enough to self fellate….

  22. krp says:

    So, what you are saying is that Tebow is the first Christian to EVER play in the National Football League? *cough* *cough* Tom Landry *cough* *cough*

    So what you are saying is that no religious man has EVER had any success in the National Football League?

    I seemed to recall something called by commentators the Sermon on the Mount, where some guy named Jesus – maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t – warned against public displays of religion, public prayer and public charity.

    1. Udontknow says:

      Mat 10:32 ¶ Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

      Mat 10:33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

  23. BugsBunny2012 says:

    I was gronking on the toilet this morning, until a little football appeared- it was a miracle.

  24. John Blutarsky says:

    I suspect the QB who defines winning as having the most points on the board at the end of the game will win…

  25. the big red 1 says:

    first football is a game it means nothing in the big scheme of things,second as far as tebowwing goes some where in the bible it says pray in private in the dark for my benfit (god) not on the corner for the benfit of your neighbor,third was it not the patriots who were caught cheating during their supposed perfect season?

    1. Macksfield says:

      2nd it also says that Jesus was disappointed when he healed people and only one took the time to publicly thank Him. I’m pretty sure the bible is filled with examples of how you are not to be ashamed of your belief.
      My personal opinion, I would not necessarily do it the Tebow way, but I’m all for him expressing himself if that is what he wants.

  26. Dave Shaffer says:

    Just more proof that what this world need is a good alien invasion.

  27. Macksfield says:

    Gronking? IS this kind of like the occupiers (fake) attempting to duplicate the Tea partiers (authentic).
    Good try but lame at best.

  28. Jerry Lapple says:

    If Brady wins, all that it means is that he has beaten a rookie………..If Tebow wins it means GOD has interferred.

    1. MulusChristi says:

      very well put _ short & witty. God bless you and Merry Christmas everyone.

  29. distant reader says:

    I grok Gronk.

  30. oldpink says:

    “That was pretty impressive. There was a parent with my jersey on with his kid in the air, spiking his kid.”

    Good grief!
    What an alarmingly poorly-written article!

    1. Gern Blanstein says:

      That was a quote you moron. Do you want the author to change quotes? Do you think Mike Barnicle or Doris Kerns Goodwin wrote this…….that’s right, they only plagiarizes.

      1. oldpink says:

        Maybe you’re just not smart enough to get it, or you’re simply an illiterate clod.
        It’s obviously a stupidly written quote if it really is verbatim.
        The way a writer denotes mangled quotes is to either use “sic” next to the quote to indicate someone’s misuse of the language, or by inserting some key words within the quote within square brackets to clarify the phrasing.
        Good luck in life being stupid.

  31. headlessjester says:

    He’s just spiking the football….big deal.

  32. fel121 says:

    We have an NFL team going undefeated and the sheeple are focused on some squirrel from Denver because he prays to the invisible sky fairy when he play a game on Sunday, really; this is news?

    1. Mapache says:

      News would be that you learned proper punctuation, spelling and grammar.

  33. Tom in NY says:

    What is “gronking”? Standing shirtless next to a porn star?

  34. MoCal says:

    Gronking AKA SPIKING. Nothing new to see here…..

  35. Nathalie Russo says:

    Why all the hating? It’s lame that Pats fans have to come up with something to counter TEBOWING…but let them have their fun. Why must you support one player at the expense of vilifying another? Both Tebow and the Gronk are amazing. For those TEBOW fans…try following his lead by being gracious and humble. For those Gronk fans….do the same. I love them both! Why do “fans” have to put down other teams? REAL football fans should be celebrating the fact that there was a season in the first place and that there has been some amazing games.

  36. Dr Peter says:

    Whoever came up with the idea for this article, and whoever wrote it are serious losers.

  37. Mike Alright says:

    Don’t we have more important things to do. Such as push for more special unappreciated rights for weak, defenseless women and girls?

  38. Janet says:

    Gronking? Everytime I think the Pats fans have shown their most idiotic side. . .they do & do something like this! lol

  39. Ricky Jackson says:

    It’s to be expected from Barney Frank’s people. They don’t dig on the Jesus thing.

  40. Sterling Headset says:

    Is this the best you Liberals can come up with??????? If you want to destroy Tebow because he represents something you hate, why don’t you be honest about it?????

  41. Mapache says:

    A good original beats a imitation or copycat every time. Boston fans can be lame sometimes (sic).

  42. No1uKnow says:

    Gronking huh? Sounds like desperate assclownery from losers Toucher and Rich and of course CBS… lowering the bar for a next generation of sports writers.

  43. Edward Boothe says:

    I am a devout Christian but I think Tebow is doing more harm than good to Christianity. He needs to tone it down some. Not be ashamed of it, but don’t flaunt it either.

    1. DudeZXT says:

      Bet you would have said the same thing to Jesus, too… Pharisee.

    2. Frank says:

      Ignorant is not way to go through life, son.

      Tebow isn’t flaunting it, the media is.

  44. Wilbur Post says:

    So let me get this straight; People are starving, being mutilated and killed in Africa. Kids are dying from cancer in hospitals all over ouir country. Children are being abducted, tortured and killed by pedophiles and Jeebus is taking a personal interest in one jock in Denver that has won a few football games?
    Good grief people; how ridiculous! These are the same people that think that Jeebus provides them with a parking space close to the mall entrance when it’s raining….. Go figure. Jeebus seems to have his priorities all screwed up!

  45. Yup says:

    Its nice to see two character players starting. This will bring back some fans to the game after the countless thugs that are still starting. I never understood coaches playing thugs who can’t catch but can run fast, or can tackle a QB for a loss and get a 15 yard penalty for roughing the QB. Hey GMs speed aint everything.

  46. Garr Obo says:

    Tebow rules!!!

  47. Donald says:

    This is cool. I thought you would like it.

    A Father, Son and Tim Tebow.


  48. gamesta says:

    There’s already a name for what he’s doing. It’s called SPIKING.

  49. Winston Galt says:

    Gronking? Is that real, or is that a joke?

    Then again… who cares.

  50. Dave says:

    Proving that sports fans are brainless unevolved MORONS being lead through life by their desire to live vicariously through people who are fit and active. Disgusting, get a life you idiots.

  51. kudos says:

    Wow another totally unoriginal rip off liberal “idea”. You guys ever get tired of being hateful intolerant brats? You hate this guy just because of his faith and think you have to go on some kind of offensive against it. You are pathetic and weak if you see this one persons faith as such a gigantic threat. It proves you can’t defend your position very well and that God scares you. If you were truly convinced, you wouldn’t care what Tebow did. Thanks for showing the world that you don’t believe your own lie.

  52. heartpursuer says:

    I guess it’s okay for elementary school kids to “gronk” (see photo attached to story), but woe to that group of youngsters if they should start praying.

  53. says:

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