Felger and Massarotti opened the day talking about the assault charges against former Boston Bruin Mike Milbury. Milbury allegedly assaulted a Pee-Wee hockey player at a rink in Brookline.

What constitutes as assault? Reports are saying Milbury went onto the ice and shook the child.

Felger went on to describe some of the fights he was involved in when he was younger. Could Felger scrap?

Felger and Mazz went on to talk about what they expect to see this Sunday at the Pats-Broncos game. Do the Patriots have a shot this weekend? Could the Pats inconsistency haunt them on Sunday?

  1. jeanne says:

    Felger, I agree, Milbury is scum if he in-fact assaulted that 12 year old in any manner for any reason. But for you to rant on and on about how he is a “deush bag”,(sp?) really, you’re entering scumland yourself with language like that.

    Out of respect for your class-act of a wife if for no one else. Dial it back a bit.

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