Time Magazine has chosen their “Person Of The Year.” Time’s “Person of the Year” is the person or thing that has most influenced the culture and the news over the past year. This year the generic “Protestor” gets the nod. I believe this is a weak choice because some protestors risked and gained far more than others. The average Occupy Boston protestor should hardly be given the same attention as Cairo the protestors who put their life on the line.
I implore Time Magazine to get real and chose an individual rather than make the non-choice selection of a group.
What individual do you think deserves to be “Person Of The Year.”

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Comments (3)
  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Hi Mr. Jay,

    Without a doubt I’d be inclined to name Ms. Akashic of Aquarius as Person of The Year …. i. e.  the actual leader of OWS who secretly is the same Leader who’s also at work in the Tea Party and the Arab Spring. She’s hard for most of us to understand because of her accent…..but she does have her ways of getting us to tune-in and listen to her.  

  2. Well, if you had read the article, you would see that the Occupy protesters weren’t given nearly the same status as the ones risking their lives in other countries. TIME’s choice was appropriate, because the energy of change through direct street protest is more important than any individual in the news.

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