Felger and Massarotti were joined by Paul Perillo, of Patriots Football Weekly, to preview this weekend’s New England Patriots game against the Broncos in Denver.

What is Perillo expecting to see on Sunday? Does Paul think that Tim Tebow will be a productive NFL quarterback, and of the teams that Tebow has beaten, which are legitimate playoff teams?

When will Tebow’s luck run out? What happens if Tebow outplays Brady and the Broncos win?

Is Tebow a franchise quarterback?

Who you rather have Tim Tebow or Doug Flutie?

  1. Mark Rudziak says:

    Fleeger, I have one question. Does it ever occur to you that being a D-bag could make someone angry?

    Puhleeze! Enough with the Tebow crap! He’s so wonderful that he led his team to an 18 point defeat. Hell, I could lead that team to at least a 40 point defeat, and God doesn’t even like me.

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