FOXBORO (AP) — Las Vegas casino operator Steve Wynn is taking his bid to build a gambling facility in partnership with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft in the vicinity of Gillette Stadium straight to the people of Foxboro.

Wynn said Monday in a letter delivered to about 8,000 Foxboro homes that his $1 billion proposal would provide thousands of jobs, with local residents given preference in hiring.

It also promised child care, and pointed out that gambling would be just a small portion of the facility’s overall square footage, that would include hotels, spas and restaurants.

He also promised to address residents’ concerns “individually.”

The plan met with resistance at a Planning Board meeting last week, with opponents saying a casino would cause traffic and crime problems and destroy the town’s character.

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Comments (3)
  1. yamstar1 says:

    Wynn and Kraft will promise a world full of ice cream and cookies if they think it will further their plans. The casinos all look pretty on opening day. Take a look at Atlantic City Boardwalk district now a few decades after the casinos opened. It’s a run down depressed area. Don’t be flooled by the floor show Foxboro

    1. jgeaux says:

      Atlantic city has dozens of casinos. Foxboro would have one. How do you make that comparison. Let’s be rational here. Foxboro and Route 1 will not become Las Vegas strip.

      1. yamstar1 says:

        True it would not be a strip like LV or the AC shore but neither will it enhance the community. Mr. Wynn says it will be a resort with a casino when a rational person knows the exact opposite is true, it will be a casino first and foremost. In the interest of full disclosure I’m not a fan of casino gambling. I’m suggesting the long term effect (five – ten years out) is not going to benefit the community or the Commonwealth

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