I’d like to make a minor correction in one of my earlier postings on this subject.   A few misguided folks took offense to my suggestion that the “occupy” people at several locations around the country was “perhaps the largest collection of stupid people in recent history.”   That statement is now unfair and I will amend my comment to say…”it is now one of the smallest collections of stupid people in recent history.”      I’m not sure that’s necessarily a good sign-of-our-times, but it’s slightly encouraging.

     I do have some encouraging words for the authorities in Boston who handled the dismantling of that city’s great unwashed with an incredible amount of speed, dexterity and finality.    In the dark of night, just before the break of dawn, law enforcement moved in and within a matter of minutes, the clueless “OWS” (occupy wall street) protestors were gone.   Only the stench remained but before the breakfast hour was over, the Boston site was clean, new grass and shrubbery was planted and only a handful of “need a lifers” were being readied for court.    Nice job by Police Commissioner Davis in spite of the “occupy” endorsement from Mayor Tom Menino who eventually had to concede…this group of ill-informed (notice I didn’t say stupid) knuckleheads had to go.

     One the last comments I heard from a “OWS” protestor, when asked what he hoped to gain from his “occupy” position was…”We want monetary equality.”   Dont’ we all Bro…..don’t we all.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    I sense Ellen Brown’s issue of currency reform is the “bridge-issue” that will find balance points of agreement among groups from OWS to Tea Party strategists, religions, and partners throughout the political spectrum.

    Currency reform tinyurl.com/44d89sd . will serve as a “bridge issue” because we do not need to achieve political agreement on the nuances of government structure nor realize personal spiritual enlightenment for currency reform to work.

    We can all be expedient and work wonders together centered on this one issue.

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