MALDEN (CBS) – The Malden Fire Department had a busy night chasing several false alarms.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

Investigators say teenagers pulled the alarms on eight fire boxes overnight within 15 minutes of each other, starting at 1 a.m.

Three teens were caught at one of the scenes and detained by firefighters.

The deputy fire chief said the stunt was a waste of money and, more importantly, someone could have been hurt or killed.

Each time a box is struck, a deputy, two engines and a ladder have to respond.

And even if they suspect a call is fake, they still have to go.

“When we have a series of false alarms in the same area like that, you know what it is, it’s just a matter of chasing it around, rewinding the boxes and returning to quarters,” Deputy Fire Chief Bill Sullivan told WBZ-TV.

The three teens were picked up by their parents. All of them are from Everett, according to the Malden Patch.

WBZ-TV’s David Robichaud reports

Several of the fireboxes have surveillance cameras above them. Investigators will look at those to see if anyone else was involved.

Comments (10)
  1. D Ballum says:

    They should be made to work it off at each fire station ie washing vehicles, take out the trash, whatever it takes to equal the cost.

    1. Enough says:

      agreed, but Mommy and Daddy will get them out of it, they don’t believe their precious little angels would do something like this

    2. Enough says:

      they should I agree, but Mommy and Daddy will get them out of it. it’s not like their precious little angels would ever do anything like this……

  2. lijingjing says:

    Unknown message

  3. Ron says:

    They need to face the consequences of their actions as allowed under the law.
    Not only did they cause needless expense to an already thin budget but they could have caused serious injury of death.

    1. gramps says:

      I’d be ‘nice & very effective’, if the Law contained the following…..

      Attack a teens ‘privilege’ to drive & you’ll hear their eyeballs click!

      Pass a Law to deprive ‘TEENAGERS’ of their ability to drive @ 16, or if they already have one, remove their ‘Drivers Licenses till their 18′, if they are found truant, drinking, or with people who ‘ARE’ drinking…….For starters, don’t let truants, drinkers or drug users park on ‘High School Grounds’ & have the police tow any illegally parked car within 2 blocks….Any ‘teen’ who runs afoul of the ‘Law’ in ANY way….or is a school discipline problem, if they don’t do their ‘homework’, or ‘drops out of school’……Has to wait longer to get their drivers license……

      Forget 16, hello 18……!!

      In June of 2009 Alabama passed in a new Law, ‘Taylor’s Law’, that would delay teens with school discipline problems from getting a driver’s license by creating a point system whereby for each accrued point for disciplinary actions at school, the student would have one week added to the age at which he or she would be eligible to apply for a permit or license.

      That Alabama Law is a good ‘foundation’ that Massachusetts can build on……As soon as the ‘lil darlings see a few of their ‘Classmates’ riding their ‘BIKES’ to school or until their 18th birthday they’ll ‘smarten-up’ real quick!

      The drop-out rate will fall, ‘Teen’ drinking & crime will diminish!

      Halos will be uniform of the day……

      “Just do it”!


  4. taxedout says:

    Good thing someone on the other side of town wasn’t in a fire that could have killed them. Get off with NO punishment, and No cost to them. Guess who’s going to have to pay!!!!!

  5. Dave Dextradeur says:

    As a former firefighter, I have responded to more false alarms than I can count, one of which involved an engine tboned by an 18 wheeler sending all hands to the hospital with the engine totaled! Those who pull false alarms have no idea what they are doing nor do they realize the danger that they are putting human lives in! It’s not a joke but rather a sad commentary on the way children are raised nowadays! Were I the judge in this case, these youngsters would be tried on each charge and serve consecutive sentences of 0ne year on each count with one year of community service on each count served consecutively! Maybe then these young schmucks would get the message that pulling the hook is no fun but is indeed deadly serious business!

  6. emom says:

    Are we going to coddle and pamper these kids, Come on , why are we allowing them to get away with this, Community service what is that going to teach them. What kind of message will they learn if they only wash a truck Sorry, I feel these punks need to have harsher punishment, and not for a mere 4 weekends, that’s what 4 or 8 days , what will they learn during that time, that its bad to do things sure they will do something else instead.. NO have them volunteer at a burn unit with KIDS, watch them cry in pain as their bandages are being changed, see the suffering in their eyes, See the look of their parents as they wonder why this happened.
    I will tell you some of them could have been prevented if they fire trucks could have reached their home in time,. But instead slugs like this feel it necessary to play a practical joke and pull the alarms,
    I would like to see harsh punishments, for this, they should not just skate thru their time, do not coddle and pamper them, It will not teach them anything.

  7. Nosgood4me says:

    Simple …Chain gang.

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