Felger and Massarotti continued things by talking about some of the penalty calls in Sunday’s Patriots-Redskins game.

Felger was in attendance for the game, and realized he can’t hang anymore.

The guys talked about London Fletcher’s hit on Tom Brady, Andre Carter’s hit to Rex Grossman’s knee, and Vince Wilfork’s forearm to the head of  ‘Skins running back Roy Helu. Which calls were worthy of a penalty call?

Did London Fletcher deserve a penalty for his reaction to the original penalty call?

With Denver next on the docket, the guys went on to discuss the man, the myth, the legend: Tim Tebow.

When will Tebow-Mania die down? Was Tebow’s performance Sunday against the Bears just part of a complementary win for the Broncos?

  1. RL says:

    Isn’t Felger that little runt from Green bay who bashes all Boston sports teams because no one will give him a story so he makes one up in his head. and Mazz doesn’t like Bilicheck for same .
    You don’t have many listeners. the only time any of my friends put 98.5 on is to listen to Gil and Gino when Nance and Simms are doing play by play for CBS.
    You guys bite .

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