Every season has it’s own personality and story to tell. This November and December will be remembered for it’s record warmth and quiet overall transition into winter. It really makes you wonder if the rest of this winter is going to be so easy. This pattern can’t keep going on like this can it? Many snow lovers are not feeling good about the whole overall look. Ski areas are struggling to find business and open terrain with this slow mild start. Personally, I love it…and have no problem with this warmth whatsoever. I know how quickly things can change…so I make sure to enjoy every day for what is worth.

Cold shot of air over us this morning with high barometer cold thanks high pressure parked sw of New England. The coldest air so far this early cold season for many with lows starting off in the teens in valleys and low lands. Boston was the coldest with a low of 28 since March 28th. Bright sunshine with a slow moderation through the day with light WSW wind with highs in the 30’s to near 40. Clear skies tonight, not as cold..but still chilly with good radiational cooling with lows again dropping into the 20’s

High pressure will be pushing off the coast  south of the region tomorrow, with warming SW winds. Sunshine with highs in the 40’s nearing 50. Sunshine will hold into Tuesday. We will be tracking a weak back door front which will provide a windshift to the NNW during the afternoon…an will allow the temps to be slightly cooler with increasing high clouds and highs still in the 40’s

Cooler air will settle in on Wednesday with building high pressure over us and cooler NE winds with highs in the upper 30’s and lwr 40’s. Clouds will be increasing as backdoor front works back north as a warm front. By Thursday low pressure will be tracking through the Great Lakes up into Quebec. Another low taking an western inland track will bring the warmer air along with it with mild SW winds ahead of this disturbance bring temps back into the upper 40’s and lwr 50’s. A few showers can be expected with the passage of this front Thursday-Thursday night. This cold front will be pushing off the coast Friday morning with breezy NW winds following in behind. Temps will start out mild near 50 Friday but fall during the afternoon with cold air advection with a mix of sun and clouds.

Another cold shot of air will be directed towards New England as high pressure again pushes eastward with increasing sunshine and cool air for the weekend. very similar to the set up we have now. The North Atlantic Oscillation remains positive for now. Lack of high pressure over Greenland is one of the main reasons we do not have any blocking in the pattern. Even Alaska is starting to enjoy mild times. That is not good for those of you looking for the cold and snow. Long range flow does not look very good for a cold snowy pattern through Christmas…but the weather may start to get a little interesting around that time…so there still may be a chance…although it is slight…for a white Christmas…I just would not get your hopes up. It’s simply a ho hum quiet weather pattern for December. For those of us who love storms, and crave snow for the holidays to set the mood..This has some of us saying “Bah hum Bug!” While others are singing…”Joy to the World!”

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  1. Mike says:

    Thank you Joe Great work as always,Do you see us maybe getting record low snowfall this year? what is the record anyway? Thanks Merry Xmas

  2. David White says:

    Thanks Joe:

    Do you think the NAO pattern is shifting so that we may have more positive than negative phases?. Topkatt if you are out there, what have you to say? Barry has suggested the AMO may be cooling, so if it is, might that make it difficult for negative NAOs and Greenland Ridging to sustain themselves?

  3. Italo says:

    What a find interesting is, will this mean that across the Atlantic, the British Isles and northern Europe will correspondingly experience harsher, wetter and windier weather conditions, while we are currently in this drier and calmer meteorological period?

  4. JimmyJames says:

    I am one of the ones say Ba Hum Bug since I love the snow and none is currently forecasted.

  5. Rob Rose says:

    Hey! Snow Lovers! relax! You had an INCREDIBLE amount of snow last winter! We should ALL hope and pray for a nice easy winter this year…our wallets could use it!

  6. Melissa says:

    Every day without snow is a good day. Bah humbug my a$$.

  7. Dianne says:

    At least you know how to spell bah humbug. Guess no one proofs these blogs.

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