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Keller @ Large: Steve Grossman Talks Casinos, Transparency

BOSTON (CBS) – Many local communities are hoping to cash in on several new casinos that have been approved here in Massachusetts to help create jobs and generate new revenue for the state.

But, who’s going to decide where the new casinos will be located?

State Treasurer Steve Grossman has one solo appointment and a say in two other members of that five-person gaming commission, which will have sweeping power over the new casino industry in the state.

Watch Keller @ Large, Part 1:

“I think you have to be absolutely above reproach on the ethics front. I think you’ve got to have a certain amount of managerial expertise and experience because this is gonna be a big business, it’s gonna be run wisely and properly. I think you have to have shown, through your career, good judgement,” said Grossman. So basically, leadership. That’s what I’m looking for.”

How about prior knowledge of the gambling industry?

“The one who I pick on my own has to have experience in corporate finance and securities, but I look at that broadly,” said Grossman. “Again, I’m less concerned about the specific experience and more concerned about what kind of a judgment did you show, what kind of independence did you show, were you the kind of person I can and we can trust?”

“I think this process has got to exceed expectation. Now, we’ve got one chance to get this right. Five people, five men and women. They’ve got to be distinguished, and they’ve got to be above reproach. I think we can do better, and I think we can exceed expectations,” Grossman continued.

In Part 2 of the interview, Grossman discussed the state’s new website to transparently show how tax dollars are being spent in Massachusetts.

Watch Keller @ Large, Part 2:

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