MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – Manchester Police Department SWAT teams seized cocaine, marijuana, pills, and guns during drug raids on three homes Thursday morning.

The first raid on a home on Eagle’s Nest Way turned up 1.5 ounces of cocaine, more than three pounds of marijuana, and two handguns.

At their second stop, officers seized 5 ounces of marijuana, an ounce of cocaine, materials for a marijuana-growing operation, and five more guns.

The third stop, on Milford Street netted 2 ounces of marijuana, ½ an ounce of cocaine and 60 amphetamine tablets.

Police say two of the guns were stolen.

Officers arrested 20-year-old Shawn Wright and 48-year-old Henry Lockwood.

Both are charged with Possession of a Controlled Drug with the Intent to Distribute.

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  1. Peter says:

    People have to know
    My letters are being read. People encourage me every day not to give up because someone has to stand up for the people. I have gone to the courts, police, government and even the Veterans administration only to be rejected and more government retribution imposed on me. My medical care was stopped for combat related disabilities as retribution. It is the belief of the USA and the world that Marines are animals but even animals get better treatment in this civilized society. All means of Redress of Grievances as our Constitution set forth have been extinguished “exhausted”. My written Redress of Grievances filed with the courts and NH State Government as spelled out in our Constitution have been rejected by government officials with the statement we do not do that anymore. This is a guaranteed right of the individual so stated in our highest law, the Constitution. I filed a case with the NH Supreme Court of criminal crimes against the peace and dignity of the State of NH committed by Judge Peter Fauver and the NH SC refused to hear the case. They locked me up as a terrorist under the Patriot Act taken my freedom for six months before dropping the bogus charges. Six months loss of freedom for a 100% disabled US Marine that became disabled fighting for the guaranteed rights being denied in this case. Is the Violence the constitution obligates us to take the only solution left? Newspapers are so set that this 100% disabled US Marine is a danger to the public my letters are censored. The created a page free of charge to let the USA and the world know just what NH does to citizens that do not obey authority.
    What gives this civilized society the right to diminish the rights of individuals that use freedom of speech to expose government wrongs. It appears that my mental state believes the entire US government is doing this to me. PTSD, TBI two of my four service connected disabilities to what end has my coming back alive disrupted your lives. The belief of my mental unstable actions is what our elected officials, Police and VA want the public to see. In a civilized society communication is the proper way to reach solutions avoiding violence. If in my letters I ask to speak publicly as the only solution to correct these government wrongs then why not talk to me. Lynch our NH Governor charged me money to speak with him took my money and refuses to speak with me. I have the receipt. Mentally dangerous is the governments and police claim that I am. They stop my medical care for just such disabilities to provoke my suicide or criminal acts to put me in a cage again. My mental state is flashbacks to Vietnam Convoys and self-destructive means to escape being there. I am a US Marine writing a rational letter asking the world just to see what NH and the Veterans Administration is doing.
    I am asking every newspaper in NH and the USA to print my letter asking people to see and hear what this 100% disabled veteran is speaking of. The USA is the people’s nation and to let so few destroy the lives of so many is wrong. My letters are being read could a mentally unstable person write letters like this. The truth has to be the goal of all civilized society not government retribution.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
    465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

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