BOSTON (CBS) – Cathedral High School is going to have to live with Saturday’s heartbreaking Super Bowl loss.

Watch: The Play

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) has ruled that the results are final. There’s no provision to overturn a call once the game ends.

The Cathedral High team was on its way to its first Super Bowl title with quarterback Matthew Owens running for a long touchdown in the final minutes of the game.

He raised his left arm briefly before crossing the goal line, and according to a referee, that was was a violation of a excessive-celebration rule.

The touchdown did not count, and the ball was brought back to the 24-yard line. Moments later, Owens threw an interception and Cathedral ended up losing 16-14 to the Blue Hills Warriors.

In its ruling, the MIAA says athletes must learn to put these things behind them and move forward.

“During their lifetime they will experience similar situations where they feel ‘wronged’ by a superior or authority figure and they must learn to deal with that situation,” the MIAA said in a statement Wednesday.

Mayor Tom Menino met with the Cathedral High School football team Wednesday and offered to host a celebratory lunch with the team.

  1. Brian J says:

    If MIAA officials had any honor at all, they would resign. They are embarrassments to the game, and unworthy of respect. Congratulations to Cathedral, the only rightful winners!

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