BOSTON (CBS) – A police officer and one other person were shot and killed on the campus of Virgina Tech today, more than four years after a violent mass shooting on campus.

Read: CBS News Coverage

A Virginia Tech police officer was making a routine traffic stop when he was shot and killed by the driver, who then fled on foot to a parking lot on campus, the school reported.

Sophomore Eddie Campbell, of Bridgewater, attends the university on baseball scholarship, and was near the campus when the shots rang out. He frequently parks his car at the parking lot where the second victim was shot and killed.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

“That’s the parking lot where I go to lift… that’s a common parking lot too,” said Campbell.

Campbell said that despite the 2007 shooting that left 33 people dead (including the shooter) and 17 more injured, Thursday’s shooting could have happened anywhere.

“This could be on somebody else’s campus,” said Campbell. “You can only have so much security for something like this. So, like I said, I think it could happen anywhere. It’s just ironic that it happened here.”

Campbell, who lives five minutes off-campus, said that Thursday is considered “Reading Day” on campus, the day before final exams begin.

“I think that makes it, at least, a better situation than what it could have been,” said Campbell.


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