BOSTON (CBS) – MBTA fare hike proposals are expected to come up at a meeting of the MBTA and Mass. Department of Transportation boards Wednesday afternoon.

Transportation Sec. Richard Davey has already said that fare hikes for next year are likely.

But, cuts in service could also be discussed, as the “T” figures out how to pay for a projected $161 million budget deficit.

The meeting will take place at 1 p.m. at the state transportation building in the Theater District.

  1. emom says:

    Oh what a huge surprise,, First they scream they need a bail out, then lay off workers to correct the problem , create a store to sell t-shirts and mugs, Lets not forget they got funds to help renovate a few stations and create a new one, then asked for raising pay rates, those in charge take huge pay bonuses or raises, and then they claim they would have to cut services at night and run fewer trains during the day, HHHMMMMM now they cant cut the services like they want so plan what is it now. plan D.. DIGG a little deeper since we are going to have to pay much much more. Yeah how many times does this make now that they raised the rates, about 4 times over what only a few years, gee someone has totally cooked the heck out of those books ,, When will the government look into them for how they are taking advantage of the people, WHEN.

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