FALMOUTH, Mass. (AP) — Charges of rape and indecent assault against a Mashpee firefighter have been dropped.

The Cape Cod Times reports that the district attorney’s office moved Tuesday to dismiss the charges against Stephen Bold, who had been accused of assaulting a teenage girl on multiple occasions.

Bond has maintained his innocence. A motion by his lawyer to dismiss the case was scheduled to be heard on Wednesday.

Falmouth District Court Clerk Magistrate Edward Teague said prosecutors determined that they could not proceed with the case against the 48-year-old firefighter, who remains on paid administrative leave as the fire department continues its own internal investigation.

Bond’s lawyer, Dean Segadelli, said his client also lost custody of his two children after the charges were lodged.

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Comments (2)
  1. Leal Mills says:


    stuff in the suburbs are usually brushed under the rug

    now the victim will have the rest of their life seeing a therapist and counselor

    then use it as an excuse when busted for a crime later ….


  2. Mike43 says:

    Or now the victim will have to go to court to re-claim his family, will have to spend years working to reclaim his reputation and will never be trusted again.

    And the perpetrator, who committed this crime of false accusation will never face the same scrutiny, and will forever use this to excuse their behavior. And has used up tons of police and legal resources that could have been used to solve other cases.


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