Cockroach Infestation Takes Police Cruisers Off The Road

LAWRENCE (CBS) – Two Lawrence police officers found some unwanted guests in their cruisers recently.

The cars turned out to be infested with cockroaches.

Lawrence police Chief John Romero says the cars were taken off the road for a couple days so they could be fumigated. They are now back on the road. But he admits it’s the first time he’s ever had to de-roach a police cruiser.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

Chief Romero says he has no idea where the roaches may have come from.

“We transport people all the time,” he said. “We have no clear way of knowing how it happened, but it happened.

  • Lori_Spencer

    Having lived in lawrence I can say I am NOT surprised.

  • emom

    Ok are they living in their crusisers, are they eating in there and just not throwing the trash out. I get you can pick them up and transferr them But really .

  • sean

    Are you kidding??? I love law enforcement and thank them for the job they do protecting us, but lets be honest here, those brave men and women are also eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and drinking coffee, juice and soda 24/7 in their cruisers… there should be no mystery why the “leftovers” are so enticing for bugs. A weekly vacuum and trash dump and the problem is proactively solved.

  • Bruce M Jaqua

    Apparently cockroaches love donuts…


    When these officers go into a roach infested home, they can trap cockroach eggs in their shoes and bring them into the squad car(this is a true fact). If I were going in to a house infested with cockroaches, I would leave my shoes outside before going in to my own home!

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