BOSTON (CBS) – It was announced Monday that NHL officials approved a radical realignment that will get rid of the six divisions and replace them with four conferences.

They also guaranteed there will be home-and-home series among all teams.

The Bruins conference includes Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Buffalo, Florida and Tampa Bay.

Matt Kalman spoke with Toucher & Rich Tuesday about what he thinks of the new realignment plan and the continued success of the Bruins with their win over the Pittsburgh Penguins.

“I think they got it right. I think the conferences are right, but I’m a little upset about the fact that the Bruins will only play the Rangers, the Flyers and the Penguins twice a year,” Kalman said.

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The guys discuss playoff and Stanley Cup scenarios under the new system. Would a Dallas Stars and San Jose Sharks Cup Final help the growth of the NHL or hurt?

The guys moved on to discuss the Bruins Monday night win over Pittsburgh. How much does Kalman think Pittsburgh was hurt by injuries and how much is that a factor in gauging this victory?

“It’s a great victory. Every team has injuries and you know you can always look at the teams that the Bruins have beaten the last month and a half now and say this guy was out that guy was out, but that’s the way it goes,” Kalman said.

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With all the success the Bruins are having does Kalman see any Achilles’ heel on this Bruins team?

“You really don’t see it and you just hope it’s not a mirage. You hope that these guys can just keep playing like this. Obviously if Peverly and Kelly and some of the guys in the bottom six kind of went into a funk like they were in the beginning of the season, if Brad Marchand tailed off these are all weaknesses that are just like in your imagination because right now they are clicking on all cylinders,” said Kalman.

Plus they discussed the recent play of Chris Kelly and if he continues playing well would the Bruins think about extending his contract when the time comes?

Listen to the whole discussion:


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