WEST ROXBURY (CBS) – Boston firefighters came to the rescue Tuesday afternoon of a dog that managed to get stuck in a storm drain.

The dog apparently wandered into a sloped 15-foot drain at Millennium Park in West Roxbury and was unable to climb out.

Watch the Rescue

Firefighters managed to hook the dog’s leash using a long pole, and they pulled the pup to safety.

The dog could be seen wagging its tail and did not appear to have been injured.

Comments (6)
  1. Doglovah says:

    Huh…would that mean the dog was not on the leash? Violating the leash law? And didn’t get punished? Why have laws if they’re not punishable. (Poor beagle deserves a better owner than that!)

    1. JOAN says:

      It says that they hooked the LEASH with the long pole!

  2. gramps says:

    A happy ending….

    Watch closely as ‘Bailey the dog thanks the ‘firefighter’ who saved him…

    Just a Please & ‘thank you’…..from ‘mans best friend’!


  3. DJ Grace says:

    So glad they rescued the dog. Maybe that drain needs some kind of
    vent to prevent dogs and small children from falling into it.

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