BOSTON (CBS) – The Corvette that spent years covered in dust will now have to endure desert sand.

Earlier this year, a Plymouth collector bought a 1978 Corvette which only had 13 miles on it!

In 1978, a man in Ohio bought the 25th anniversary limited edition Corvette, stuck it in his barn and then walked away. The car stayed that way for 33 years.

The man needed cash and sold it to ‘Corvette Mike’ Milian of Plymouth.

Now, its been sold to a Sheik from Abu Dhabi for $50,000.

The dust was not included, so before shipping the Corvette overseas, it got its long awaited bath.

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  1. Brian Niver says:

    If this is the car I believe it is, it was sold new at the Chevrolet dealership in BIrch Run Michigan. The original owner was an aquaintance of my dad who lived near us in Clio, MI and I remember seeing it in his barn a few times in the early to mid 80’s when I was a kid. It was just over 12 miles from the dealership to the original owner’s house and that’s all it had ever been driven. The owner was waiting at the dealership when the car was delivered on the truck and he took it straight home so it was never “dealer prepped”. The interior was covered in plastic and the “PACE CAR” decails and wheel center caps were in plastic bags in the back. funny to see it again after all these years.

  2. lenore beaudelaire says:

    who would want it? all the fluids have turned to acid and the technology on this car is ancient-not to mention the styling. why do people by cars and not drive them thinking they will some day be worth a fortune? buy a car you like and drive it to death, then get a new one, cars are meant to be driven!

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