Gresh and Zo were wondering what happened to Ochocinco after his dropped pass in the 2nd quarter.

The guys tell us what they saw on the film and got a glimpse of why Ocho is struggling to pick up the Pats offense.

Listen to Gresh & Zo discuss:

  1. PATS247 says:

    I have hoped the Ochocinco would get it, but it just doesn’t look right. Even when he made his first catch it looked like he struggled with the route he ran. Maybe Teddy B was right in the beginning of the year Chad may never get it. I am just as concerned with all the misses with Brady to Branch lately they seem out of sinc. All the first down running that they seem to be doing, to me teams are aware of it and are stopping them, there is not a variety of mixing it enough. TB is asked to make alot of second and nines and second and eights over the last couple of games and that is going to catch up to you. OBrien calls games as though he is still in college, not respecting the abilities of the players we are playing agaisnt. Listening to Gresh and Zo today, I find it hard that they are making excuses for the Pats defense, gentlemen they played awful, and if your trying to sell us that Coach Belichick was playing with the Colts heads than Coach Belichick is playing with fire. His arrogance will catch up to him, I as a fan wanted nothing but to lay it on the Colts, I still feel that this was a dissappointing win

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