BOSTON (CBS) – He was a three-time Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots, and made some of the biggest kicks in NFL history.

He kicked two huge field goals in the 2001 “Snow Bowl” and the Patriots won their first Super Bowl in franchise history off his leg.

Still, some fans felt it necessary to boo Adam Vinatieri when he lined up for a 31-yard field goal in the first quarter.

“There was a little bit on the kicks out there, but that’s to be expected,” the Colts kicker said after his team’s 31-24 loss to the Patriots. “They were pretty nice to me today”

Still, booing Adam Vinatieri six years after he left?

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Vinatieri did skip town for, at the time, New England’s biggest rival. Fans were hurt and they let him know in his initial return in 2006. Sunday was his third trip back to Gillette since joining the Colts, and although he still hears some boos, Vinatieri still has fun returning to New England.

“Obviously it’s a fun place to play. The fans are great, wild and crazy, and obviously there are some good memories here,” he said. “Yeah, it’s a special place to play, and any time you step on the field and play the game that you love, it’s always fun.”

Vinatieri was seen on the field before the game, sharing a few moments with former teammates Tom Brady, Kevin Faulk and Matt Light, just to name a few. He also took time to visit his former head coach, Bill Belichick.

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When asked if he felt like Johnny Damon coming back after playing with the Yankees, Viniatieri said there wasn’t that much hatred behind the boos.

“Well yes but no. I mean I never played for the Yankees so I think it’s a little bit more of a hatred I think,” he said.


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