BOSTON (CBS) – Here are some news and notes as we go around this week in the NFL.

– Things just went from bad to worse for the Chicago Bears.  They were moving along fine and were considered by many to be a contender in the NFC. Then quarterback Jay Cutler goes down with a thumb injury. He had surgery but he’s not sure whether he’ll be back for the end of the season.  Then yesterday, their star running back Matt Forte goes down with an MCL sprain.  He is going to be out two-to-four weeks. That could be the Bears season. It’s funny how they went from contender to possibly out of contention in a matter of three weeks.

“I feel bad for Matt, especially with everything he’s going through,” wideout/returner Devin Hester said. “This is like a big slap in the face.”

Hester also said signing Donovan McNabb would be a waste of time at this point.  There are reports that the Bears are interested in the out-of-work quarterback.

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– Another late game and another comeback win for Tim Tebow and the Broncos.  John Elway must look at what’s going on and shake his head.  Since Tebow took over at quarterback, the Broncos are 6-1 and they now sit atop the AFC West.  Against the Vikings on Sunday, Tebow passed for a season best 202 yards and converted on critical third downs to give Denver their fifth win in a row.

“I know that I had a lot of help. (The) offensive line did a great job, and receivers stepped up and made me look a lot better than I really am,” said Tebow, who completed 10 of 15 passes, his best percentage as an NFL starter, and posted a career-high passer rating of 149.3.

Pats-Colts Highs & Lows: Not A Full Effort

– Some much for the baby Bengals.  They started the season looking impressive but November and December is winning time, and this young group is learning that the hard way. Sunday against the Steelers, they got beat up.  Pittsburgh took it to the Bengals and swept the season series.  The Steelers have the winning approach that the young Bengals need to develop.

“We’re in it now,” Pittsburgh linebacker James Farrior said. “Right now is our time. … We already started our playoffs.”

– Soccer 6 chimes in and I guess we can’t get enough of the Kardashians.  I feel a stomach flu coming on right now.  Apparently Kris Humphries, you know that idiot that married Kim, doesn’t believe in divorce.  Folks, this is one guy who should not only believe in divorce, he should worship at the feet of marital litigation. Anyways, he has filed for an annulment of the marriage or indefinite separation. Now indefinite separation means neither would be able to ever marry again. This stuff is crazy and I am sure Kim and her family will have something to say about this. I am sure it will be televised and people like Soccer will watch.  Be embarrassed, just don’t make fun of Khloe.  I have a soft spot for her.

– 6 has some real interesting news here and this is some good reporting.  So NBA legend Spud Webb is stepping down from his coaching job.  He coaches a stripper basketball team in New York. Let’s pause and I will let that sink in.  I said he coaches and stripper basketball team in New York.

Let’s put 20 on the clock and come up with their name.  The Bare Essentials, Big Apple Pole Dancers,  The Swishes, The Ball Hogs, The Lay-Ups, the 3-point tassels.

OK, back to business.  I had no idea this was a league. What are their endorsements??  So Spud quit because the coaching gig was supposed to be a joke.  But the members of the stripper team did not see it that way.  They broke down and cried at his resignation.  The league right now is looking for a coach.  OK, we have got to have more stories on this…

– Finally, Jay Cutler is back in the news and for those who care. He and Kristin Cavalleri are engaged, once again.  I can sleep now.  Really, I was so worried that these two kids could not make it work and my prayers have been answered. 6 says Kristin was spotted with a big ring and her twitter account makes it official. And why not, it’s not like Jay is getting back on the field anytime soon.  Hey, maybe Kristin knows a thumb specialist; if she does and gets him back on the field.

I will buy them some type of wedding gift.  Maybe season tickets to the Stripper Basketball League.

Thanks for reading and thank you Soccer 6…


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