DERRY, NH (CBS) – A school bus driver in Derry, New Hampshire is facing charges over an incident where she allegedly hit the school bus brakes and sent several kids tumbling.

Thirty-five-year-old Amy Weeden is charged with 24 counts of disorderly conduct and two counts of simple assault over the September 19 incident. There were 24 students on board the bus and two students ended up with minor injuries.

Investigators say that the kids involved in the incident told officers that Weeden intentionally stopped short because she felt the students were acting up and not listening to her.

There are surveillance cameras on the bus, but police say the video will not be released unless Weeden is convicted of a crime.

Comments (35)
  1. sue says:

    I was going to post the same thing!

    1. gramps says:

      Is that you last?

  2. dan says:

    vas.. i agree ..lot of these kids today are punks they need an ass whoopin like we got when we were kids

  3. P says:

    Nothing that school bus drivers don’t do every day

  4. Realist says:

    God forbiid kids are disciplined these days. I feel bad for the bus drivers who have to deal with the “todays entiltled little brats”. Good for the bus driver to give them a little wake up call. I am sure the kids that complained live in a world with “time out” as their only discipline. Kids do need a touch of reality and stronger discipline. She did the right thing in the wrong enviironment. In effect she was trying to provide discipline so these children do not become the 99% staniding out in front of the capital builiding.

  5. TIM H says:

    even though that might not have been the smartest thing to do i dont blame her.having driven a school bus off and on for years i can tell you that a lot of kids these days are little animals.their parents teach them no respect and to take what you want when you want it.the bigger problem is the lack of monitors on school can you drive a bus and keep an eye on all those kids at once.these school bus comp make big $$$$$ w these contracts but pay the drivers peanuts,but when there is any kind of problem everyone comes down on the drivers

  6. JT says:

    When I was a kid we had a school bus driver that did this almost on a daily basis. I actually did get hurt a little in one incident. The funny thing about it is apparently no one ever told on her or if they did no big deal was made of it because she did it all the time.

    I am now a school bus driver myself, and would have to say that slamming on the brakes on purpose is not a good thing to do. Kids can get hurt. I do understand the bus driver’s frustration though. The kids can be awful, and the discipline they receive is a joke. Some of the worse kids know this and have absolutely no fear of anything. Again, it can be a frustrating, stress inducing job, but slamming the brakes at the risk of hurting someone is not a smart thing to do.

  7. Andy says:

    So this lady was arrested and is getting charged with 24 counts of disorderly conduct because she stopped short? Kids run the world today. No wonder they have no respect.

  8. Don says:

    I am a school bus driver, and I can’t believe these comments. It doesn’t matter how bratty these kid are. Using a bus as a weapon to punish them is wrong. It is dangerous. Serious harm could come to one of these kids. A bus driver’s job is not to discipline the children. It is to transport them safely to their destination and back home again. There are other options available to deal with misbehaving kids on the bus, inckuding taking away their riding privilege. The charges against this driver are appropriate..

    1. Daniel Braintree says:

      Don, she stopped short….I wouldn’t exactly say that’s using the bus as a weapon. I understand what you’re saying, but this lady is most likely going to lose her job, possibly have a criminal record, pay out thousands for a lawyer, not to mention the humiliation of having her mugshot all over the news. I think that’s what you call “overkill”.

      1. Dan says:

        She admitted she did it on purpose. She has no business being around children ever again. You all assume the kids were out of control, more likely she is a sad case and took it out on normal kids.

    2. matt says:

      I disagree with u Don.My wife drove school bus too
      but this kind of behavior is the reason i made i made her give up>
      Does anyone think about the driver who gets the the blame
      for crashing a 18 to 20 ton bus! HELLO. Where i live there bus rights get takin away the parents will get u fired for telling them to sit in there seats and not
      sittting in the aisle. DOT look it up. ya there maybe other ways to deal with it
      but she may have tried that and it didnt work. I guess we will find out.

      1. petem says:

        just what behavior is it that she reacted to? the story doesn’t say, except that they were acting up and not listening. The best course of action would be to get them to a destination and report the instigators. It’s not the drivers place to discipline the kids; that is for the parents or the school.

    3. Al Dente says:

      The report does not say the driver admitted anything. Unless she told the kids beforehand that she was going to do it or admitted afterwards that she did it on purpose, I don’t see her getting convicted.

    4. Lori says:

      The charges (IMO) are overkill however I do agree that soemthing should be done to her… maybe lose her job. Any bus drivers intent is to get them to school safely andshe didn’t do that. I do disagree with you that herjob isn’t to discipline the kids on the bus. If sheis to get them there safely & some kid(s) act up to prevent that then, yes, she DOES have to discipline the kid(s) involved. Waiting till she gets to the school will not work. If she waited & another child got hurt then she would be in trouble then as well.

  9. David says:

    If students in a classroom were acting out, would it be appropriate for the teacher to slam some desks together, causing injury to students? I understand that we are living during a rough economic period, but if you cannot deal with children then you definitely should not be driving a bus. And yes, a bus used in this manner, is considered considered a weapon.

    1. Jay says:

      “If students in a classroom were acting out, would it be appropriate for the teacher to slam some desks together, causing injury to students?”

      Not as a first resort, but eventually? Sure. And maybe it will teach the kids their actions have consequences.

  10. TaylorM says:

    While I don’t think that any action that could so easily hurt another is right, I wonder what she COULD have done to get the kids to behave. She may have just been without option and improvised.

    If she had simply pulled over, stopped, and told the kids she wasn’t going anywhere until they behaved she would still have been in trouble with both the parents and the bus company for being late.

    Suspending bus privileges – that worked when I was a kid, but I think that today most parents would claim their little angel was being singled out unfairly.

    Driving a car with unruly kids is difficult – I can’t imagine how hard it is to drive a bus full of them.

    1. David says:

      Every school bus, at least in Massachusetts, is supposed to be equipped with a means of contacting someone if there is a problem. She could have simply pulled over and called for assistance is they were really that unruly.

    2. Adam says:

      Perfect comment, I agree with everything you said.

      People that don’t deal with kids these days think that they are exactly like they used to be… they aren’t.

      It’s generally the same mix of “bad” and “good’ kids, the difference is that they ALL feel entitled. I dont know where it came from, but its there and most of them have no respect for adults, especially someone like a bus driver. The parents never think that their kids are ever doing anything wrong. Its pathetic and disgusting to me, as someone who just became a teacher of high-school kids

  11. buildmeister says:

    Uh, I’m all for discipline too, and I’ve been on a rowdy bus when I was that age too. However, this is what happened. The bus driver kept his mouth shut until we pulled in, then informed the principal. The principal pulled us all out of class into one room, chewed us out for acting so poorly, then told all our parents about the incident. My parents punished me severely for it. If other parents didn’t do the same, then in hindsight I feel sorry for their kid.

    Whereas in this situation, the sudden stop is not a way to punish a child. What if a kid had broken a nose or worse? I fully support the punishment since there should be a system in place to punish kids that are acting up on the bus.

    1. Adam says:

      That doesn’t happen anymore. I can attest to that. I’ve personally sent multiple kids to the office for discipline, only to find out later that not only did they NOT get a detention, or anything of that sort, they were also sent to the library for a period or two, or over to “guidance” for a period or two.

      Instead of punishing them, they are basically rewarded these days for lying and being losers.

      The parents will NOT believe its their kids, and basically administration doesn’t want to deal with them in the first place.

      I would GUARANTEE that the driver tried other measures before this relatively minor use of the brakes. If she stopped short and everyone was in their seats like they should have been, no one wouldve been hurt at all.

      You’re wrong in thinking these things are “dealt with” by administration or the parents anymore, it’s NOT the same as it used to be

  12. David says:

    I am amazed at how many of you agree with this woman’s decision. It is doubtful that all of the students were being unruly. (Of course it does not give any details regarding what was actually going on, or the age of these students). If you were called at work and were told that your child had been injured due to the direct decision of a bus driver would you feel the same way?
    If you do, I pray you do not have children in your home.

  13. Perry Durgan says:

    Stop doing all bus runs make the parents take the little angel’s back and forth.See how that works out.

  14. pam davis says:

    Buildmeister -I love your comment and I don’t know how old your are, but you are/were living in a different world. As a former middle school teacher(17 yrs), things are very different today. Even though we hear about some schools going overboard on punishments for crazy things, most schools do NOT mete out effective discipline. Parents don’t believe their kids are guilty – always someone else’s fault.
    I agree that she overreacted in a way that could have caused serious harm,, but… have you been on a bus where the kids were so loud that the bus driver couldn’t hear? have you been on a bus where kids were fighting and you couldn’t get to them because other kids blocked the way? have you been on a bus where other kids bullied, taunted others and, when reported, nothing was done? have you been on a bus as a monitor when you’ve been the teacher all day already because the kids were so out of control that it was unsafe for the driver to operate the vehicle?
    I think there’s a strong link between how we’re raising our kids, lack of respect for authority, and the occupy wall streets folks – I can’t pin it all down, but I sure think we have a problem. too many kids are afraid in school and on the bus – because the loudest parents are almost always the parents of the kids causing the problems – and that’s who gets listened to the most.

  15. emom says:

    I can understand the frustrations of the bus people and the schools, In today’s society we as parents have more power in PRORHIBITING any one else in disciplining students. Should they resort in physical punishment, I am not sure, But I feel many sure need it. Did this bus driver take matters into her own hands and use extreme measures sure. Was she right that’s a mix, maybe not since we all know it opens up a potential lawsuit.
    Do kids today act out and getaway with it YOU BET THEY DO, and worst part they know they can and no one will do anything about it.
    Bullies get away with hurting others and when their victims retaliate back that victim is again victimized and publicly punished,, Children that get away with bad behavior always get away with it. Because their parents scream so load that they are just being kids, and to stop picking on their angels.
    RESPECT these kids don’t know the meaning of it, I serious doubt its even taught to them at home. Look around while your out and about. See how they act in public, at stores, restaurants, If what you see is rude kids they also are like that at school. I have seen so many in the public doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Oh but wait there is no adult supervision around to curb it.. that’s because we give them full leniency to do what ever they want and their parents say they are expressing themselves.
    Hold both kids and their parents accountable and they will learn very fast, Don’t just let them get away with their bad behaviors,

  16. MamaJammer says:

    It really matter not whether the children WERE or WERE NOT brats. It also doesn’t matter if we think it was appropriate punishment. Even if the punishment were appropriate, and the children were brats you can’t possibly tell me every single child on that bus is a heathen from hellfire. Even if 96% of the kids on that bus were acting like mutinous pirates she stopped the WHOLE BUS thereby “punishing” or potentially injuring ALL THE RIDERS. If my kid was one of the kids on this bus NOT ACTING OUT I would be totally pissed that she “punished” them in such a dangerous all inclusive manner. I would’ve slapped her upside her head next time I saw her at the bus stop too. F-ing around with my babies on the highway, please…

  17. Vas says:

    Kid’s today are a reflection of their parents. If the kid is being a bully or showing no respect it is because this is what they’re seeing from their parents. This entitlement attitude people have isn’t something the was borne from today’s youth. It’s been around for some time. Everyone is entitled to something. Generations of parents teaching their kids that they are the only ones who are special. We now have a society of selfish people, kids and parents included. There are still honest, hard-working and respectable people out there. But as a society? From the 1% to the 99% there are entitled jerks everywhere.

  18. James says:

    She wasn’t lashing out at the punks in the back of the bus.
    there was a dog that ran across the road and she tapped the brakes to prevent hitting it.
    That’s all, nothing to see here, move alone

  19. silly2 says:

    We had a bus driver that would pull over to the side of the road and sit until everyone was in their seat & there was complete silence. Sometimes it took forever to get to school or home.

  20. offer some help says:

    Maybe there should be a second adult riding the bus as a monitor. If it’s not in the budget could a different parent each day volunteer for one day? Keeping one child under control in a car and driving can be hard. Operating a thirty-five foot vehicle with twenty-four distractions behind her might be asking too much of these drivers.

  21. Steph says:

    I’m a driver, and, this is one reason I’m quitting soon.

    If they were all in their seats none of these kids would have had a scratch/bump on them. The seats are meant to keep them from being hurt if they are sitting in them.

    I cannot handle elementary kids anymore. I’ve had to pull over and yell at them. They are good for a few minutes. Then I look up and someone is standing on a seat or in the isle. I stop again. Go on.. stop again… go on… stop again… I’m sick of it.

    I’ve written them up, and, they’re good for a few days. What’s reaslly annoying is when you pull up to a stop and ask a parent to have a talk with their child over what they are doing. They’ll just look at you dumb and ask you if you told them to sit down. lol

    Ugh… I’m done. Someone else can deal them. I’m not waiting until the day comes when some idiot pulls out, stops short in front of me or an animal runs across the road. It doesn’t pay enough for that. I will miss my High School route, though. They are a great bunch.

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