Parents Can Rent Toys At New Website

By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – When you are a kid on Christmas morning, it’s all about volume. But when you are a parent, cruising the aisles of the toy-store in December, it’s about trying to balance a happy holiday with a reasonable budget.

Paul Reinsmith of Boston has found a great way to have plenty of toys under the tree, and all year, without breaking the bank.

Paul and his wife Pam discovered what they call the ‘Netflix’ of toys.

It’s called Toygaroo, a website that lets parents rent toys for a fraction of what they would cost to buy.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports.

“It’s the ideal situation for the holiday time,” Paul said. “You can stuff toys under the tree for under 50 bucks. If you were out there buying them, there’s just no way you could do that.”

Paul and Pam choose the toys that are best suited for their son Will and just like Netflix, they go into a queue. Depending on the service plan, every month or every other month, a box comes in the mail with a new set of toys from the queue. When the time is up, send the toys back and a new box will be on its way.

Here’s an idea of what you get and how much it costs.

The cheapest option is $24.99/month for a box of four toys.

We chose The Toy Story 3 Speedway, The Thomas the Tank Engine laptop, Chicco’s radio controlled ATV and the Rolling Round Jungle.

The retail value of those toys is $112.96.

If there is something your child just can’t bear to send back, or if something gets lost or broken, you can purchase the toy at a discounted price.

One mom we talked with liked the concept, but wasn’t thrilled about the idea of her kids playing with toys that had already been around the block with who knows how many other kids. Toygaroo says all the toys are carefully sanitized and re-sealed in plastic before they are shipped to a new home. Paul says all the toys they’ve seen have been like new.

“We haven’t found any ick factor at all,” he said.

We spoke with several moms in Belmont Center who loved the environmental aspect of the service. No more throwing unused or unwanted toys in the trash.

For the Reinsmiths, it’s a great way to keep their active toddler busy and happy.

Toygaroo offers a wide variety of toys, but most are geared toward the toddler and early elementary crowd. There’s no real sophisticated electronics or toys designed for older kids.

  • Julie Kelleher

    What a racket!!! I saw some of those toys, and they’re comprised mostly of small or breakable parts. Lose one part, and you pay full retail for the toy.


    • bobby

      I’m sorry sweetheart but my lease is up on your Barbie. Give it to me NOW!

      • Chef David

        THAT’S funny. ….. and your little dog too…..

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” ~ H. L. Mencken

    • jasperddbgghost

      Hilarious. Now children get to know the scam of Time Share.

      Plus they pay 3x the cost on broken toys…..but they could never possibly do that right?

      • Eric Dyer

        So if its 3 times the cost to replace it, then why not pay 1x the cost and buy a new one to send back?

      • edward

        no one is being scammed or defrauded. you are free to choose or not choose what is offered by their company. to some, the concept obviously works otherwise the business wouldn’t enjoy customers.

    • Jennifer

      How about learning the correct usage of comprised vs. composed?

      • Schlomo

        How about you add to the conversation instead of being the grammar police?

      • Danny

        Grammar Nazi!!!

      • Gordon Gartrell

        And… “there’s no real sophisticated electronics or toys…”

    • chris

      how is a discounted price = 3x the price.. really it doesn’t sound that bad. Just not the sort of things I would get for my kid

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  • rufus levin

    you break it you buy it…at three times retail…..PT BARNUM…there is one born every second….

  • Spell Check

    It’s “queue”, not “cue.”

  • Saltine

    This is so wrong for so many reasons.
    First, what happens if the child becomes attached to the toy(s)–The parent will have to buy them anyway.
    Second, kids are known as germ-harborers and sharers. How will, if at all, will these toys be disinfected?
    Third, this does seem like a thoroughly desperate attempt to continue the crass destructive consumerism swallowing the working American people.
    As I said, wrong on so many levels.

    • Rabban

      First – Parents buy a toy the child really likes at a discounted price.
      Second – They already said they disinfect the toys.
      Third – Actually a rented item isn’t “consumed”, but used by several people. So less needs to be produced since many people can enjoy one item. It’s really a great concept for sharing and kids get to enjoy toys they may have otherwise not gotten to play with.

      • Pitcher23

        Looks like one person actually read the article. I don’t know where people are getting this 3X the cost idea, when they clearly said if they want to keep the toy, they can, at a deeply discounted price.

        To those who ignored that they disinfect all returned toys, have you ever gotten a used toy from a friend or a garage sale? Have you inquired if these toys were disinfected as well?

      • krp

        It is disgusting and offensive and embarrassing the number of people that will comment on an article without even reading it.

      • George Johnson

        Speaking of reading an article Pitcher23 …..

        It’s DISCOUNTED. Not “DEEPLY discounted”.

        You yourself should learn to read before you berate others for saying untrue things.

      • Pitcher23


        If you took the time to go to Toygaroo’s website you would see that most toys that a customer wants to keep can be purchased at a 10 to 30 percent discount, depending on how long it has been rented. I don’t know where you come from, but I would call the latter part of that range a deep discount.

        Nevertheless, there is a big difference between putting a little emphasis on a word and stating the complete opposite of what the article says.

    • rufus levin

      guess kids should stay out of the ball pit at McDonalds then?

      • Clyattvillan

        Well duh! LOL

      • Saltine


        Have you ever read/seen the reports on those???? Unbelievable germ factories; feces included.

      • krp


        KIDS are germ factories. If you have a problem with germs, then don’t have any kids and bring more germs into the world.

        Never understood the idea why anyone would WANT kids in the first place.

      • Robertb

        @krp: Have you asked your parents?

      • jerrykregle

        this is a hidden way around the chicken pox lolipops

      • EwwwGross

        Rumor has it that there is, on average, 5 inches of urine sloshing around in the bottom of the ball pit….


    • Blake

      did you read the article?
      1. you can buy the toy at a DISCOUNTED PRICE.
      2. They sterilize each toy carefully and re seal the toy. You eat at a restaurant with pre used utensils and that’s not gross why not wash toys the same way?
      3. How is this different than a yard sale?

    • Morton

      Saltine: “First, what happens if the child becomes attached to the toy(s)–The parent will have to buy them anyway… Third, this does seem like a thoroughly desperate attempt to continue the crass destructive consumerism swallowing the working American people.”

      You are sooo right, when I was growing up my parents let me check out books from the library and rent video games from Blockbuster, they rented cars, skis, hotel rooms, and the whole nine yards. It was awful. We couldn’t keep any of it. I’m ruined for life! Dang them and all those evil promoters of crass, destructive consumerism!!!!

  • rufus levin

    BETTER PLAN…..celebrate Xmas one month late and buy the toys on sale, or used from kids already bored with the Christmas presents…

  • jdg

    um….kids break stuff. that’s what they do. such a racket. are you going to put the toys behind glass? now some person will rent more toys cause they “think” its cheaper then when the toys are all broken, they will be in even more debt. This is just subprime loans all over again.

  • Clyattvillan

    Why teach a kid that they have to have numerous toys? That’s how we have gotten where we are today, kids don’t appreciate anything. When these kids get older they will be impossible to please. :-/

  • Saltine

    Just TRY getting the toys Billy/Bonnie Consumerette got for xmas back from him/her–Prying them from his/her greasy snotty little fingers–Oh what a circus!!!

  • rufus levin


    • Erik


  • jackspratt1

    so you give the child the present at christmas and then take it away from them when? Yuk no thanks – better to have less than to deceive

    • Rabban

      It is better not to deceive, that’s for sure. Which is a great reason not to tell children about Santa Claus. Besides, when a kid loses interest in a toy, parents usually get rid of it anyway. This seems like a better alternative.

      • Helen

        In our house, Santa brings 2 gifts: one that our child has asked for and one that Santa has decided upon. It works out much better. Then our daughter isn’t expecting that mountain of gifts under the tree. She still gets others from family, friends and of course her parents….more than enough….but nobody has broken the bank just for the LOOK of a packed Christmas tree. That is totally crazy. Why not teach our children about the REAL meaning of Christmas: Christ’s birth. And He didn’t even get a real crib to sleep in on His birthday, let alone a bunch of “Made in China” toys!

    • Linda

      Take it away when they get bored with it and forget they even have it. If you give a kid 10 presents they can’t tell you what 9 of them are a week later.

  • Tommy

    Do yourself a favor and just buy some cardboard boxes and magic markers. Kids have much more with stuff like that.

    • Vern Smoot

      When I was a little boy, all I could think about was getting a bike. I mean, it was so bad, I actually considered killing the kid next door for his but, alas, since he had a bike, I could never catch him.

    • Tracy

      Oh, does that burn parents (did me). Kid chucks new toy to the curb and crawls into/through the box. You are so right. A refrigerator box is probably every kid’s REAL dream, isn’t it? It’s a jail, a tunnel, an outhouse, a reading nook, …

      • Terry

        I agree, except for the outhouse part. lol

  • Beenaroundyaknow

    There’s a sucker born every minute” P.T Barnum

  • JRGage

    “Paul and Pam choose the toys that are best suited for Will and just like Netflix, they go into a cue.”

    That’s queue, actually.

    • ConservativeProf

      Yea! I’m not the only one who insists on correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

  • freecheese

    When I was a kid, and when my kids were kids were kids, toys were usually broken within a few weeks.
    Now toys are exclusivly made in CHINA, and they rarely last for one day.
    I know we are surrounded by a lot of stupid people, so there IS money to be made here.

    • Chris Rusin

      mannnn…when i was a kid…toys were made of rocks so the never broke and we walked 10 miles in the snow to school and those crazy rock n rollers were making all kinds of racket…man when i was a kid i tell ya…things were different

    • krp

      Exhibit A: President Barack Hussein Obama

  • KF4766

    How do you tell a kid that Santa wants his toys back?

  • Shocked

    “It’s the ideal situation for the holiday time,” Paul said. “You can stuff toys under the tree for under 50 bucks. If you were out there buying them, there’s just no way you could do that.”

    WOW, are you serious buddy? You mean like, there’s NO WAY you could hunt the used market for nice clean toys at a fraction of retail and you wouldn’t have to explain to your spoiled kid why you are snatching back what “Santa” brought them? This is hysterical, sad, and troubling all at the same time. How about this, QUIT TRYING TO “STUFF” things under the tree. Get something of quality, have a mug hot cocoa, take a walk outside in the weather, and sit by the fire and talk to your kid. I always had junk STUFFED under the tree when I was a kid, guess what, after a while the child will become jaded and you the parent will be in debt.

    Renting toys to feel good about the amount of crap under the tree in the morning is simply despicable.

  • Al

    How ’bout if we don’t focus on having the maximum amount of toys rather we can teach our children to be happy with what they get? That lesson can serve them well in their adulthood… We (Americans) are quickly becoming a nation of people that believe everything is owed to us… it was nice when it was a nation of I’ll work at 110% and earn everything… let’s get back to that.

    • Tracy


    • GM

      Al’s got the right idea! Let’s teach the appreciation of what we have first. This is is a trait that needs to be modeled.

    • Keith

      Yeah, that has worked really well over the last 100 years.

    • carla

      yah seriously…..why do kids “need” to have all the toys? because the parents give them to them! kids don’t need them. parents need to chillax and teach their children the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Vicky Bevis

    It also would be nice if the “erudite” (?) person writing this article knew the difference between “cue” & “queue” as to usage. I’d expect this from today’s regular college graduates who majored in underwater basket-weaving or Women’s Studies, but NOT from someone who apparently majored in Journalism & is writing for a major news source..

    • mike

      Before you give us an english lesson…you may want to look at the usage of cue and queue and how they are apply to language…this writer used it in it`s correct definition…..please look up these words and do your homework before you dog people out

    • Momof4

      Have to agree with Mike. The author used the correct word. Look it up and when you want to become the grammar police, get some education yourself first.

  • BryceFoley

    If only these kids could rent new parents for Christmas…. that would be something!

  • Dustin

    Man, that’s is greasy.

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  • Balanced

    I like the idea. I first heard about the company and the concept on the show, The Shark Tank. You can probably see the segment on

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  • Piggles

    This was on Shark Tank. I remember to lady pitching the business.

  • Grammer Rulez

    It’s “queue”, not “cue”.

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