BOSTON (CBS) – Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski joined Toucher & Rich Thursday to talk about this Sunday’s game against the Colts and Tom Brady.  He also took some listener questions.

Rob’s brother Chris plays for the Colts, but unfortunately he was placed on IR in October.

“It would have been funny. It would have been cool too. We probably would have gone extra hard to see who could have gotten each other down,” Gronkowski said.

Even with all his success, quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t take it easy in practice and expects the same out of his teammates.

Every year Brady seems to get more and more intense.  What’s the maddest Brady has ever been at Gronk?

“I got to go with my rookie year when you really don’t know the plays that well and you mess up out there. He’s just doing his job being the leader and he gets on a lot of rookies just because it gets you to get into the playbook more,” he said.

One listener asked a very interesting question about playing defense.

If Gronk were ever able to play defense on any team, which player would he want to tackle the most?

“I’d play defensive end because I played that all through high school and everything, I really liked that position. ‘Who would I want to tackle?’ our quarterback Tom Brady.”

Listen to the entire interview here:


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