By Jonathan Elias, WBZ-TV

BEVERLY (CBS) – I got an email from Laura Pica in Beverly. She lost her mother to cancer.

And as anyone who has lost someone to cancer knows, it can be a very painful thing.

But from her pain, some good has come. Laura decided to do something. She’s raising money by telling folks to write off cancer.

She is selling pens and paper encouraging folks to write the old-fashioned way to loved ones to stay in touch.

Her two reasons for this are to reconnect with what seems a lost art, and to raise awareness about cancer.

Laura says the money she raises, she’ll donate to prominent cancer research groups like Dana Farber.

You can find out more on Laura’s website

Comments (3)
  1. jill says:

    I have one of these pens and they are beautiful

  2. Jim says:

    What a great ideal, something so simple! Great teacher gifts I ordered a few.

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