NEW BEDFORD (CBS) – A store clerk in New Bedford is recovering from a stab wound after he decided to fight back against a man trying to rob him.

On Monday, 23-year-old Priyank Patel, who had never been in a fight before, was cleaning shelves at the Lucky 7 Grocery when a masked man marched in with a blue canvas bag.

He barked just one word at Patel, “money!”

“I didn’t see a weapon, so I just jumped on him,” Patel told WBZ-TV’s Ken Macleod.

Patel punched the crook. During the ensuing brawl, the bandit stabbed Patel. The entire fight was caught on surveillance video.

WBZ-TV’s Ken Macleod reports

Patel didn’t realize he was injured until after he called police.

“I hung up. At the same time, blood started dripping my chest,” he said.

Both police and Patel’s parents are not thrilled with his combative response. They say he’s lucky he didn’t get killed.

But as a guy who works two jobs to make ends meet, Patel says he’d do the same thing again.

“I think I did good,” he laughed.

The robbery was one of 13 in New Bedford this month.

Police aren’t sure how many are related.

Comments (6)
  1. Nelby says:

    I’m proud of this guy for fighting back instead of just giving over his money.

  2. buddy says:

    Seeing that the problem is so bad in the Commonwealth I think all store owners should arm themselves. Shoot first ask questions later.

  3. J says:

    Of course the Police weren’t thrilled. They would rather the guy have the guy get shot so they can pick up the pieces afterwards. When will Massachusetts get with the program and support self defense by law abiding citizens…

  4. Denise says:

    He should have kicked him in the balls! But then the loser would probably have sued him and won because he couldn’t produce more low life thieves for the future generations!

    I say good for the store clerk! Hopefully he’ll be ok and better prepare himself if the loser shows up again because the world now sees the big coward w/ a knife got scared off by a brave store clerk!

  5. burapart says:

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