Felger and Massarotti started the show by discussing Bobby Valentine’s hiring as the new Red Sox manager. Is Valentine a good choice? How is he going to fit in with the Sox management?

Valentine has a different style of managing than Terry Francona. How is this new era going to work out? Are the days of the Red Sox manager covering for players over?

Is Valentine the right guy at the right time? Will the Sox have a winning season? If they do not, will Bobby Valentine be out of a job? This looks like a short term solution. How long will it work?

Felger & Mazz On Valentine: It’s A Gamble 

It seems that this hire came from upper management. Who made this decision? Does Ben Cherington have any power at all? Would Theo Epstein have hired Valentine?

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  1. DBIGGS says:

    Valentine is the right guy – because he had a Day named after him before he was born – February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

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