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BOSTON (CBS) – The past several months have demonstrated quite a dramatic leap across the hockey spectrum. With a 3-7 start, the odds provided no chance for the Boston Bruins to repeat their championship season.

Two months later, the story has changed.

In the post lockout era, every single Stanley Cup Champion, besides Boston, has had over 32 points by the end of November; the average being 37.2. With a win against Toronto Wednesday night, the Black and Gold will be sitting atop their division with a total of 31 points; a number within the range of a championship caliber club.

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Here are the figures:

2005-2006 – Hurricanes played 24 games before Dec 1st. Record: 16-7-1 – 33 points
2006-2007 – Ducks played 27 games before Dec 1st. Record: 19- 2-6 – 44 points
2007-2008 – Red Wings played 25 games before Dec 1st. Record: 17 –6-2 – 40 points
2008-2009 – Penguins – played 23 games by Dec 1st. Record: 14-6-3 – 34 points
2009-2010 – Black Hawks – played 25 games by Dec 1st. Record: 16-6-3 – 35 points

Sure, they’re just numbers. But numbers are not meaningless. They mean a lot; if not for the long term then definitely for right now. They provide teams with confidence and players with motivation. Everyone is always aware of what the numbers are, regardless if they choose to mention them in their bland press conferences or post game interviews.

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The truth is, at some point these numbers will change again. It’s hockey. It’s up and down. But at this moment, for this game, the Bruins should have all the motivation they need to keep moving forward.

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  1. Mike Maguire says:

    3-7 start

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