CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – A tractor-trailer tried to make it under the Longfellow Bridge at Memorial Drive in Cambridge early Tuesday morning and failed.

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The truck hit the bridge around 6 a.m. and ended up stuck.

Memorial Drive at the Longfellow Bridge was partially closed for about three hours until the truck was taken apart and removed.

All lanes opened around 9:30 a.m., according to police.

The Department of Transportation will also inspect the bridge to make sure the area is safe.

State police say a passenger in the truck was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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  1. hopeimwrongj says:

    some things never change, 30 years ago one of the first calls i went
    on as new e.m.t. was to a truck stuck under the Longfellow bridge.
    who says ” history does not repeat it self?”

    1. Santayana says:

      Nobody says that.

    2. J Scott says:

      As a truck driver this happens because the driver fails to get proper directions from the shipper or receiver. I would bet money he or she was using a GPS device that was not specific to truck routes. Needless to say the no truck sign clearly was a good indicator not to take the route.

  2. Lori says:

    Did they try letting the air out of the tires?

    1. Annmarie Hart says:

      That is exactly what I was going to say. Why would you need to take the truck apart? So much quicker this way.

  3. chefkro says:

    How about the sign on the left of the truck that says “no trucks”? What a MORON!! People are idiots, the driver should pay (out of his own pocket)whatever damage has been done by his stupidity.

  4. emom says:

    Was the driver an no english speaking and reading person. what is wrong woth people signs are there for a reason.. OH WAIT never mind most never obey those darn signs anyways stop means go green means stop and yellow means floor it to beat the rest…. no turn on left bank that U turn . speed limit just double,, yeah signs are merely a dcoration on the side of any road… what are we teaching peolpe when they take drivers… clearly not to use their eyes and brains,,,,

    1. Matt says:

      I can’t speak as to the truck drivers grasp of the english language. As for yours, a refresher course may be in order.

      1. tim says:

        driver’s . :P

      2. Lori says:

        “driver’s” is short for driver is.
        “drivers” is not right either in this context.
        It should be drivers’.
        And unless you are an english teacher or professor you shouldn’t correct people. I think we can agree on one thing though; the driver should have been paying attention to the signs around him.

      3. Annelise says:


        “Driver’s” can also be used to show possession of a single driver. You are thinking of its vs. it’s, one of the only instances where an apostrophe is NOT used to show possession.

        In Matt’s sentence, “driver’s” is actually the correct use. He is referring to the specific driver in this story. Thus “the truck driver’s grasp of the English language” would be the correct way of stating it.

        Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Unless YOU are an English teacher or professor, you shouldn’t correct people. Tim was correct.


      4. retphxfire says:

        Lori, etal: Why do we have to be English teachers to be irritated by the dumbing down of the English language? I’m not any kind of teacher, but I assure you I take pride in naturally speaking and writing grammar correctly. I also try using punctuation in the correct manner. It’s not a thing of pride to appear ignorant. ‘I ain’t got none’ used to be a joke, now it’s the norm. Good for you Matt. So many of you want English only or to make immigrants speak english, why not all of us speak it correctly, first.

      5. emom says:

        Oh gee forgive me for I know not what I have done.. Like the entire country speaks PERFECT english. Didnt know this was a judgement of how some write english.. So sorry if I am not perfect . Get over it, At least I know how to read and understand the signs on the roads and I dont drive trucks into a bridge that is far to high.. DUH

    2. John Little says:

      Most likely the driver was using a standard GPS, the Truckers GPS editions do not take you down restricted roads………unless the info was never sent in by the city….

  5. rmsbl4 says:

    Or put his glasses on

  6. Dave Raymer says:

    No officer, I’m not stuck. I was delivering this bridge and I ran out of fuel.

    1. Holly Harris Mais says:

      That is EXACTLY my first thought when I read the headline… Bill Engvall is probably laughing himself silly right now!

  7. fireman mark says:

    I’m guessing the driver was French-speaking from Quebec.Remember the damage done to the upper deck a few years back? No parlez vous?

  8. Libby says:

    Bill Engvall called. he wants to give the driver his sign.

  9. StuckInCambridge says:

    This happens every couple of months. I am always stuck in traffic there because of it. I started a blog just for stupid trucks driving on Mem drive. The flashing lights and Warning signs are just suggestions, that bridge really isn’t 9ft. Go ahead drive your Truck under, no problem. Everyone does it.

  10. Ron says:

    Until MA gets serious with it’s penalties for bad driving this type of incident will continue to happen.
    PS: I hope I used the right word

  11. Ryanthusr says:

    To those talking about the sign, look how far it is from the bridge. Now can anyone say the speed limit is on that road. Is there any other sign around. If that is the only sign then you can NOT blame the driver, specially if he doesnt know the road and is using a GPS. It’s likely that the GPS doesnt have roads listed that are NOT suitable to a rig such as that.

    1. StuckInCambridge says:

      That is NOT the only sign. There are flashing red warning lights, there are bars overhead that had to hit his truck BEFORE he got to that bridge. There are signs leading up to that underpass telling Trucks to exit. It is clearly marked, the underpass is only 11 feet there. There are yellow signs stating 11Ft. This driver clearly was not paying attention. If he was using a GPS, then he is an idiot. My GPS tries to lead me down “roads” that I shouldn’t be going down all the time. I am bright enough to know not to do it. I hope the driver is fined, and fired! He shouldn’t be driving a truck.

  12. John Barnard says:

    13’6″ means JUST that. dipstick

  13. BJR says:

    The use of GPS without verifying with a paper map, especially by a CDL driver, is inexcusable. GPS units, for the most part, are made for cars, not large commercial vehicles. GPS units are to blame for more accidents and mishaps then you can imagine.

    1. John Little says:

      There are Trucker editions for GPS units, these do take into account road restrictions if the city sent the info to the GPS company…

  14. Arthur Avedisian says:

    I am a truck driver. I read every sign when driving down the road. It is called paying attention, not talking on the cell phone etc.

    1. StuckInCambridge says:

      as well you should! Sheesh even if you are a new driver, when the front of your truck gets smacked with those black things that hang over the street, you know to stop. Don’t all drivers have to know the height of their vehicle no matter what? Seems like it should be one of the first things you learn.

  15. Hotdog Taco says:

    Looks like my hotdog shoved into your Moms Sweaty Taco.

  16. DominionHoarde says:

    as a truck driver myself, i DO NOT use a GPS at all. that’s just a lazy persons way of doing things instead of reading a map. besides the fact that most GPS systems are for cars and not tractor-trailers regardless of height. those systems cost about 50- $100 more and are capable of routing around low bridge areas. which you can find by reading a Commercial Drivers map. but if you see a sign that says no trucks or buses then you should stop and call for police assistance.i would rather look silly for a bit,maybe a small fine and have my job at the end than tearing up equipment,damaging load ,major fines, and possible lawsuit,and oh yeah loss of job and the list goes on from there.

  17. Lisa Gribbon Colvin says:

    This happens in davenport, ia on brady st so often that the bridge is called “the truck eating bridge”. They have all kinds of waring signs & lights but it still happens.

  18. Carlos says:

    Let half the air out of the tires and drive on. No big deal.

  19. njuguna muigai says:

    When one is training to drive big rigs he/she is told to look for underpass height,some bridges were built around 1930 and that time perhaps we had no big trucks. Drives observes every signs

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