NAHANT (CBS) – People living in Nahant are on guard. They’re on the look-out for some crooks breaking into homes. Police have a crystal clear view of the thieves caught in the act.

Nahant Police say video of the crime shows two young men casually burglarizing a home. They take their time, making off with a flat screen TV, possibly a laptop or two and bags of other loot.

The robbers are still on the loose but there’s one thing they don’t know: They’ve been captured on video by an in home surveillance camera.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports

The video is obviously a key piece of information for investigators and it wouldn’t have been possible at all without that home security system. Those systems are becoming more and more popular.

WBZ showed the video to Robert Siciliano, a nationally known home security expert. He’s got 16 cameras at his home, eight watching the outside and eight watching the inside.

“In today’s day and age having video surveillance is cost effective and I find to be necessary. It’s definitely a layer of protection that all home owners should have in place.”

These guys certainly didn’t seem to notice the camera, but it does not appear as though any alarm went off at the home. Experts say if you’re going to bother with a camera definitely get an alarm.


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