By Joe Shortsleeve, WBZ-TV Chief Correspondent

ANDOVER (CBS) – New details are emerging over an alleged case of hazing involving Andover High School students first reported by WBZ-TV.

We’ve now learned police are ready to hand over the case to the district attorney’s office.

The humiliating incident allegedly occurred on the campus of Stonehill College in Easton in July. The college had rented its facilities to “Hoop Mountain” basketball for an over night camp.

WBZ-TV’s Joe Shortsleeve reports

According to students and the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, one young player had to eat an Oreo cookie covered in a bodily fluid while older players looked on.

The Easton Police Chief told WBZ-TV they are investigating the alleged hazing incident. The chief also said he fully expects the case will be referred to the Bristol County District Attorney’s office as soon as Tuesday.

Parents are hoping for quick action.

“It is very unfortunate but I am sure the Superintendent will take care of it,” said one mom.

Stonehill College issued a statement distancing itself from the privately run basketball camp:

“The Andover and Easton Police Departments are investigating an alleged hazing incident, which occurred this past July at a camp, which was held on campus but sponsored by Hoop Mountain, a privately-run basketball camp… Stonehill requires compliance with Massachusetts law 105 CMR 140 for all outside recreational camps renting the College’s facilities… In November 22, the College sent a notice of termination of the agreement with Hoop Mountain for its failure to meet its supervisory and safety obligations… The Stonehill Police Department is cooperating with the Andover and Easton Police Departments on this matter.”

However, the managing partner of Hoop Mountain told WBZ-TV they did nothing wrong. He said whatever happened, happened behind closed doors and the players themselves never reported the incident.

The company also released a statement:

“Hoop Mountain Basketball is closely looking into the alleged harassment incident involving the Andover basketball players. We were just alerted of this alleged incident over the past 24 hours and will be holding an investigation of our own to find out the facts of the alleged incident. We have had an outstanding reputation of quality and safety for 26 years. We have always complied with State law and have a zero tolerance policy at our basketball camps. The alleged behavior has no place at our camps or in society in general.”

In a statement last week, Superintendent Marinel McGrath said the school “has zero tolerance policies in place” regarding hazing and bullying incidents.

WBZ-TV contacted the McGrath and the boy’s high school basketball coach on Monday, but neither returned our calls.

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  1. ji says:

    A bodily fluid? It was semen, or so I read on another news site. Is there anything wrong with saying semen?

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