BOSTON (CBS) – Here are some of the best sound bites to come out of the New England Patriots locker room after their 38-20 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Head coach Bill Belichick praised his players, something he is usually very reserved about:

“I think they’ve given good effort and they’re trying to do the things we tell them to do. Sometimes we have to do it better; we can coach better and have it a little cleaner for them. But I think they’re trying to their part in terms of physically and mentally, day after day, week after week be consistent and be dependable and do what we ask them to do. I know we demand a lot and this isn’t an easy place to play and I’m not an easy guy to play for, but they have tried to respond and I give them a lot of credit for that.”

Bill Belichick Praises His Players 

Tom Brady on his five runs for 28 yards:

“Yeah that’s a rarity. There were a few times I felt it opened up in the middle and I just took off. I’m not moving very fast, they’re converging pretty quickly. I just got down there as fast as I could.”

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Defensive End Andre Carter talks about the fire behind Tom Brady:

“He’s a little bit heated. Put a little hot sauce on his hair; season him up a little bit. But that’s Tom Brady. He takes pride and passion, he just can’t be content and nonchalant about it. He’s going to get those boys right.”

Andre Carter On Sports Final 

Rob Gronkowski on quieting the Philadelphia fans:

“That’s the greatest feeling when it’s just New England fans left at the road games. All the New England fans in the front row cheering you on. (There) can’t be a better feeling leaving the game; especially when it’s like eight minutes left in the fourth quarter.”

Highs and Lows: Pats Play Tough And Get Big Win

Vince Wilfork on the rest of the season:

“Everyone says football starts after Thanksgiving, so it started today for us.  We have to win ballgames in the end of November and now in December. We have to play our best football. Without our best, we won’t be successful.”

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