Felger and Massarotti continued the day discussing Montreal Canadiens Max Pacioretty hit to the head of Pittsburgh Penguin Kris Letang during Saturday’s game. There was no penalty call on the hit and Letang went on to return to the game and score the game-winning goal in overtime.

Where was the uproar in Canada over Pacioretty’s hit? Were charges for Chara’s hit on Pacioretty, last year, brought up because it was a Bruin hitting a Canadien?

Watch the hit here.

Was Pacioretty head hunting?

Rear Admiral of BarstoolSports.com twitted out a video of his reaction to Pacioretty’s hit on Letang. Felger and Mazz played Rear Admiral’s video to get another perspective on the hit.

Pacioretty will find out later today whether he will be suspended. Pacioretty apologized to Letang on the ice and after the game to the media. Does an apology admit guilt?

  1. blackbear1 says:

    Very good points. The situation w/Chara in Montreal was based on overeaction and over reaching by their spoiled, whiney fans. This once legendary franchise (the Richard brothers, Jacques Plante, Jean Beliveau, etc. etc…) is now occupied by a sleazy, oily bunch who take dives, fake injuries, then laugh it off after they get to the bunch. I have lost all the respect, I once had for them.

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