PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — As part of efforts to encourage breastfeeding, mothers who give birth in Rhode Island will no longer receive free infant formula when they head home from the hospital.

The state’s birthing hospitals ended the formula giveaways as of this fall. Rhode Island is the first state in the nation in which all hospitals have ended the practice.

State health officials say studies link formula giveaways to decreased breastfeeding rates. Breastfeeding has been shown to be healthier for both infants and mothers.

The state health department will highlight the end of formula giveaways at an event Monday at the Statehouse. Stephanie Chafee (CHAY’-fee), a nurse and the wife of Gov. Lincoln Chafee, plans to speak at the event.

Formula will still be available to new mothers who experience difficulties with breastfeeding.

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Comments (3)
  1. gramp says:

    I agree with the program, starting kids out in life with ‘free eats’, sends the wrong message to them!

    That is, unless they were born into 32/24 ‘A’ or ‘B’ poverty, those kid’s should recieve ‘Mamory Stamps’….


    1. gramps says:

      For those that are able to breastfeed & don’t receive ‘mammary stamps’……(If this applies)

      Prior to the 1st breastfeeding, I would think that it would be appropriate to remove any & ‘all ornamental hard wear’ from your ‘boob-bets’ & head B/4 the 1st ‘din-din’….otherwise, while being ‘burped’, the baby might get confused & try to feed on your ‘nose or one of your ear lobes’!


      Nipple piercing in the ‘America’s’ started in Texas, which figures, everything’s bigger in that state

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