By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) – In a great piece that aired on Thanksgiving day right here on WBZ, the CBS football guys did a story about the bond between Tom Brady and his quarterback coach Tom Martinez.

Martinez, who is seeking a kidney transplant, remains one of Brady’s biggest fan.

“He’s a fighter, he’s going to keep battling. That’s part of his makeup,” Brady said of his mentor.

To this day, Brady still relies on Martinez to make sure his mechanics are correct.  The two talk every week, sometimes more than once.

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“I’ve been so fortunate to be kind of his student that would take all this information and hopefully pass it on to the next generation of young quarterbacks that want to learn the proper ways to throw the football,” Brady says.

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His dad probably had the best line in the piece, stressing the importance Martinez has had on his son’s life.

“Without Tom Martinez, Tom Brady would not have been the quarterback of the New England Patriots,” said the elder Brady.

Thank you Mr. Martinez.

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