EAST BOSTON (CBS) – An East Boston man with seven previous OUI arrests and a lifetime license suspension is behind bars after being charged for an eighth time with driving drunk.

State Police arrested 52-year-old Albert Diaz Wednesday night in front of Chelsea High School after a Trooper witnessed him allegedly committing several driving violations in Revere.

Police say Diaz reeked of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes, and flunked a field sobriety test.

State Police later found out that Diaz had already had his license suspended for life over previous OUI violations.

Diaz was arrested and charged with operating under the influence of liquor, marked lanes violations, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle after revocation for OUI, speeding and failure to wear a seat-belt.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

Diaz was arraigned in Chelsea District Court Friday. He is being held without bail until a dangerousness hearing on November 30.

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  1. Linda says:

    DUI’s and DWI’s should be a three strikes you’re out deal, hopefully BEFORE someone is killed. It should also be considered a premeditated crime as a person knows before driving, if drinking, they are committing a crime.

    1. dave says:

      We’re talking Massachusetts. Where you can break the law and even kill somebody and get away with it. Thank the Progressives for that!

      1. Nick H. says:

        You could confirm that with Teddy if he were still around.

        Anyone want to bet this guy is an Illegal Alien?

      2. freecheese says:

        Dave: you mean thank the “Liberals” for it ! They are ashamed of the word liberal, so they changed it to “Progressive.” I won’t be part of it !

      3. matt says:

        Right, you can even then get elected to congress. Dozens of times. Funny how that works, huh?

    2. Bill Jones says:

      In Arizona, after the 3rd DUI, you are sent to prison.

      1. George Johnson says:

        Ditto Nevada

      2. ILikeRush says:

        Same in Louisiana but I am against my tax money feeding him. Exile him.

      3. Patric Henry says:

        i drinks alot – what state should i move to

      4. Vincento says:

        Where should you go? I’ll give you several options. Mexico: Foreigners with recent (in the past 10 years) drunk-driving criminal convictions are generally refused entry at the border – oops you are not welcome. NORWAY: first offense – automatically jailed for three weeks at hard labor coupled with a license suspension for one year. Saudi Arabia: punishable by lashes in the public square. In El Salvador, first time DWI offenders are carted off and executed by a firing squad. Bulgaria, at least they are a little more lenient, as DWI offenders are only executed after they have committed their second DWI offence.

      5. FreudianSlip says:

        Vincento…here’s a big KISS……….wonderful facts, love it, love it, love it!

        Send this guy to El Salvador (first time DWI executed by firing squad) and give him a junk car and a bottle as a going away gift.

      6. rakatm says:

        Thank you maybe this will wake up some of these dummys! What a pitiful shame this continues to go on.

    3. LarryG says:

      More people are killed in non-alcohol related wrecks. Could we outlaw stupidity?

      1. Cap says:

        Would that mean outlawing YOU??

      2. Warbo says:

        Yea, but that would eliminate both the Massachusetts judiciary and legislature.

      3. cel says:

        That would be one way of getting rid of congressmen!

      4. frank says:

        We tried. But Republicans keep breeding!

      5. thussaiththewalrus says:


        Your nasty lies are pathetic! Republicans are LAW-ABIDING and you think that is the wrong way to live!

        You want Democrats to “make it up as they go along” (including commiting crime after crime after crime) but then BLAME the crime on the Republicans! That is a juvenile attitude! Where do you get off with such a horrible attitude?

      6. GozieBoy says:

        This is probably the stupidest comment of the day…

      7. Joe Sevin says:

        Have you heard the one about how all the sheep got together and decreed the wolves would not bite them anymore? Have a great holiday season.

    4. Don Kowalski says:

      You are cruel. Locking people up for dunk driving is insane. if someone gets hurt or killed because of those actions, sure the law should come down heavy, but just for driving erratically?

      1. Matthew says:

        By your logic Don Kowalski, people should be allowed to shoot randomly into a crowd, as long as they don’t hit anyone.

      2. Lorla says:

        The man who ran over and killed my twelve year old daughter ay one oclock in the afternoon on a Saturday had 4 previous DUI’s. Locking him up now will not bring her back.

      3. NY9Solyndra says:

        Locking him up now may prevent another tragedy.

      4. Lorla says:

        My point exactly. Had he been locked up after the FIRST arrest my daughter would still be alive.

      5. Incredulous says:

        Exactly Don. Even if someone gets killed. It is an accident. Is a drunk driver more culpable that the elderly person who has a stroke and accidentally kills someone? I say no. Unless, a witness can testify that the driver stated he or she was “going to get drunk and kill someone with their car” they are innocent.

    5. r charles says:

      sure linda just like cancer is, alcoholism is a disease.
      you treat cancer you don’t lock us up, you treat alcoholism (addiction) you don’t lock us up.

      1. omstrat says:

        Someone in this guys condition needs to be FIRT , LOCKED UP , He has Zero respect for the law of even endangering the lives of kids, he’s not capable of it . SO LOCK HIM UP
        THEN and only then when he is safely off the streets treatment can be given. Any other plan is insanity . He needs to be off the streets FIRST

  2. paul says:

    I will bet that he will not spend 6 mos in jail.

    1. jose says:

      i bet less than 30 days

    2. the executioner says:

      The penalty for 5th DUI should be execution. Let’s get tough on crime and protect law-aibiding citizens and their families.

      1. Incredulous says:

        You’re an idiot. Drinking is legal and so is driving. Unless you use your car to commit a crime while drunk, with aforethought you should be allowed to get a drunk as you want. I hope this guy drives a thousand more times. It is idiots like you that have destroyed this nation with your nanny state ignorance. You’re a fool. Execute yourself.

      2. Snake says:

        I have a friend who was killed by a drunk woman driving on the freeway only 2.5 miles from my house. Did she have the RIGHT to drive under the INFLUENCE??? NO. If they had caught her before hand, she could have served brig time and my friend would still be alive. The Constitution gives NO one the right to endanger other people by their stupid actions.

        What is needed is an outdoor jail in Death Valley CA. Housed in Tents and the inmates get to work in the wonderful sun growing their own crops. After a couple of years of this, they will change their mind. The 5 th time should be automatically execution

      3. Penchant says:

        Is it better if someone is killed by a sober driver? Does that make it nice? People should be charged for the harm they do others and not abstractions of risk. Drunk driving is a statistical contributor to accidents, but so is being sleepy. Should driving while tired be a criminal offense too? Would you execute someone for driving late at night for the fifth time?

        DUI laws don’t work to save lives, only political careers.

      4. irishsmile says:

        You are definitely not an idiot! My wonderful nephew was killed 10 years ago by a drunk driver with numerous priors. The driver fled to Mexico. Something needs to be done. Ridiculous, liberal platitudes don’t do solve anything.

      5. John says:

        @Incredulous, You need to put a gun in your mouth and pull the Trigger. I hope you don’t have kids. I would not want more of your kind in my world. Your an idiot.

      6. AnJo1 says:

        @incredulou, I don’t care how drunk he is when he’s driving on the roads he built on ihs onw property, but when he’s driving on public roads, the public gets to say what the conditions are under which you can drivie, and the public has said, “Don’t drive drunk.” His right to drive on public roads was revoked, and he still drove. Lock him up for life. If he had killed someone after the license suspension, the death penalty would have been fine with me.

      7. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

        I encourage you to randomly execute democrats at will for any reason you deem necessary.

      8. Dave Mowers says:

        the executioner

        The penalty for 5th DUI should be execution. Let’s get tough on crime and protect law-aibiding citizens and their families.

        Yes, I Agree.

        …and i use my real name.

      9. Riley says:

        Incredulous…you are incredibly ignorant. Driving is a privilege. It is not a right. If you break the rules that you agreed to follow when you accept your license…guess what? you lose the PRIVILEGE to drive. Read the legal wording on your license. You don’t have to thank me.

      10. Mark Watson says:

        …and I suppose if the state insisted that breathing was not a right, and demanded license to breathe or else, you would get that license too? At what point, I am curious will you find the system needs to be faught? You sound like someone who pays a mortgage and enjoys group health coverage. Maybe you took a vacation last year. One day, you will wake up. Your group health and life insurance gone with that job you used to have. Your medical problems now suddenly pre-existing conditions. In 3 months the foreclosure process starts. Does your wife still love you? or did she marry that former employee with the paycheck? Will you see your kids?

        Oh- I know- you have 12 months salary saved up… maybe a cool 50 G. -but I doubt it…

        The system is broken, but some people have not been directly affected yet- so they behave as though for those whose number has already come up- it must be their own fault… after all, you play by the “rules”…

        Newsflash: game over. We have all lost. Time to stop being a useful idiot- a tool to keep the sheep in line… it is long past time to fight the power- to break the matrix.

        Wake up Neo, The State cannot tell you who you are.

        Ron Paul 2012

      11. bodge says:

        Perhaps he should move next to the bar and then he wont have to drive anywhere and he can drink himself to death slowly. Using a reason such as “my family member was killed by a drunk driver” as a reason to force law is quite sad. One million Iraqis were killed to get rid of one man, now thats what I call a crime.

      12. Palangi says:

        Hey – Incredulous (below) drinking AND driving IS a crime. He used his car to commit the crime of OUI. What part of that don’t you get? YOU are the idiot.

      13. incredulous says:

        I see the ever present over-reactors are making their irrational voices heard, except for Penchant; As they state as eloquently as I, A drunk driver should be no more culpable than a sleepy person, or a poor driver, or someone who is distracted by something or a mechanical failure. DRINKING IS NOT ILLEGAL. DRIVING IS NOT ILLEGAL. COMBINING THE TWO DOES NOT A CRIME MAKE. Someday you fools will recognize that you have all been the unwitting dupes in a plan far more insidious than your feeble intellects can grasp. Infinitus est numerus stultorum!

      14. incredulous says:

        To continue; I love the ” driving is a privilege not a right” I always smile at the ignorance of that statement. You better pick up a copy of the Declaration and the Constitution. Your right to travel shall not be abridged. But, you’re a sucker who most likely watches too much tv. You’re opinions have all been provided to you… How quaint! Yawn. Additionally, those of you who lost a loved one due to an unfortunate incident with an intoxicated person… So sorry. But, more people are killed each year by other means in auto accidents ( excessive speed being the primary culprit)… So, let’s make all cars only do 10 miles per hr. SPEEDERS SHOULD BE EXECUTED! Sounds foolish, doesn’t it?

      15. SirGareth says:

        Sure and flying 400 people in a jumbo jet while on an acid trip should be legal too, after all whose body is it?

        If he flies his plane into the maternity ward of a large hospital he should have his license suspended.

      16. incredulous says:

        To continue; I love the ” driving is a privilege not a right” I always smile at the ignorance of that statement. You better pick up a copy of the Declaration and the Constitution. Your right to travel shall not be abridged. But, you’re a sucker who most likely watches too much tv. You’re opinions have all been provided to you… How quaint! Yawn. Additionally, those of you who lost a loved one due to an unfortunate incident with an intoxicated person… So sorry. But, more people are killed each year by other means in auto accidents ( excessive speed being the primary culprit)… So, let’s make all cars only do 10 miles per hr. SPEEDERS SHOULD BE EXECUTED! Sounds foolish, doesn’t it? Oh and Sirgareth you win the dumber than everyone else award… Kudos!

      17. matinva says:

        You clearly are a simpleton. Everything is ‘black and white’ to you. Unfortunately, you are not mature enough to grasp the far-reaching effects of one’s actions in a free society.
        In your little world, “driving is legal and drinking is legal”. So, naturally, the simple mind puts 2 and 2 together and says, “Both should be legal”.
        Approximately 11,000 people will die on America’s highways this year because of simpletons like you. And Liberal judges will continue releasing these problematic people because it makes them ‘feel good’.
        In a free society, we have a right to be free from the threat that morons like you present. Those who drink and drive should be afforded every opportunity to be treated and cured. Those who violate the public trust a second time should go to prison.
        You appear, from your comments, to be a Liberal. There is no hope for you. Please don’t breed.

      18. Tom L says:

        More clarifications … strawberry ice cream is a choice, driving is a privilege, life (as against abortion) is a RIGHT.

      19. bodge says:

        Stick a krooklock on his leg and he wont even be able to get in a car. You could always superglue his feet to a pair of ski’s that’ll do it too.

      20. Tom says:

        The logic of Incredulous is in a word, incredible. Using his logic, having sex is legal and having children is legal — therefore having sex with children should be legal. Unbelievable! It is not “nanny state ignorance” to mandate that people not drive while under the influence of a substance that impairs their ability to properly control the vehicle they are driving. To educate Incredulous, laws such as this are implemented to protect all of the other drivers on the road. Nobody will say a word if the idiot in this article stays home and drinks himself comatose. What we do object to is if he drinks until he is falling down drunk and then gets into a car and drives. He then becomes a danger to me and every other person on the road.

      21. bruce brinkmann says:

        Some countries, not sure which ones, give the death penalty for the first DUI

      22. rakatm says:

        I believe that idiot morons like you, or should I say a self serving ass like you are a big part of our country’s problems. I hope you can somehow come to your senses, if you have any and start to do some good in our wonderful America. It would take many pages to describe some one like you. Chew on that.

      23. toz says:

        I don’t agree with execution just from DUI, but the guy should definitely be put in a sober tank for the rest of his life, and if he killed someone, than I would agree with ur execution.
        To Incredulous, drinking and driving should never be allowed. Drinking is fine, I agree that people should get as drunk as they want, but once they get behind a wheel, they are a weapon with the combination. If they kill someone

      24. Lisa says:

        Driving is a privilege, not a right.

      25. Incredulous says:

        I feel badly for the poor brainwashed dolts who attempt to insult me and bring nothing valid to the argument other than nonsensical and clearly programmed responses. Do any of you have your own opinion? You carry the water for the Nanny state ner do wells like the lapdogs you are. How droll ! Someday, you’re going to have your own thoughts and that will be a glorious one. I am fee of the burden of television, that horrible propaganda box you idiots adhere to. I ask; has drunk driving laws stopped accidents? NO. Do the laws stop people from drinking and driving? NO. Just as speeding tickets don’t stop people from speeding. Again, IF YOU KILL SOMEONE WITH YOUR CAR, REGARDLESS OF YOUR LEVEL ALCOHOL YOU SHOULD ONLY BE DEALT WITH LIKE AN ACCIDENT. Such willing slaves. No wonder this country is going down the drain. And, driving is a right just like walking… not a privilege. I don’t drink and drive but I will defend to the death those who choose to. Ya mooks.

      26. Tom says:

        I think we all can agree that the the single brain cell that Incredulous possesses is stunted and was never allowed to develop properly. He is incapable of rational thought and should therefore be ignored. That is what I intend to do from now on. Don’t respond to his stupidity. He feeds on it.

      27. Donald says:

        I’m so with you incredulous! I like to drink. I like to drive fast. I like to drag race as grade schools are getting out so they provide really tricky obstacles. I have a right to do all those things. It is right there in the constitution next to my right to health care and looking at porn at the library. I mean I’m not trying to kill the kids that get run over but the lame nanny state just keeps getting on my case for the whole reckless negligence. I mean gawwwd. They are so lame

    3. grace GSNP says:

      So what does THE LAW say about this guy? let him go again until he kills someone or a CHILD in front of that school???
      JUDGE who allows him to be let FREE again to Drink/Drive again should be held accountable for his NEXT crime while driving. Take his CAR and Lien his property and INCARCERATE him to a cell where there are fathers of children killed/molested by people.

      1. Charliemike says:

        Yes also following this Being in a Crowded Public Place is Legal and firing a Gun is legal so it is ok to fire a Gun in a crowded Punlic place. Or mayne using Dynomite Is Legal so using it any time in any situation is Okay. I knew 15 people that were killed by drunk drivers. I am saddened that some of these tools in this room were not among them.

    4. rich says:

      He is testing himself for Edward Kennedy’s senate seat

    5. MikeDoral says:

      Some guy in Tampa,Fl had his drivers license revoked several times. When he was cited for driving without a license he drove his own car to the hearing!

    6. Incredulous says:

      I feel badly for the poor brainwashed dolts who attempt to insult me and bring nothing valid to the argument other than nonsensical and clearly programmed responses. Do any of you have your own opinion? You carry the water for the Nanny state ner do wells like the lapdogs you are. How droll ! Someday, you’re going to have your own thoughts and that will be a glorious one. I am fee of the burden of television, that horrible propaganda box you idiots adhere to. I ask; has drunk driving laws stopped accidents? NO. Do the laws stop people from drinking and driving? NO. Just as speeding tickets don’t stop people from speeding. Again, IF YOU KILL SOMEONE WITH YOUR CAR, REGARDLESS OF YOUR LEVEL ALCOHOL YOU SHOULD ONLY BE DEALT WITH LIKE AN ACCIDENT. Such willing slaves. No wonder this country is going down the drain. And, driving is a right just like walking… not a privilege. I don’t drink and drive but I will defend to the death those who choose to. Ya mooks.

      1. doug says:

        Then you too, are the problem and should be dealt with accordingly.

      2. Donald says:

        You are so right dude. I like drinking. I like driving. I like testing my reflexes and driving skills by getting drunk and driving around grade schools as they get out. I mean it isn’t my fault those kids keep jaywalking and get run over. You are the man. Idiots unite.

    7. doug says:

      Someone ought to lobotomize the worthless piece of s**t.

  3. rich b says:

    what’s the point of a lifetime suspension if you can still get into a car and drive it?

    that said, it’s obvious this guy has a medical / addiction problem and needs help asap. my grandfather had PTSD from the korean war and every so often, he’d go on a binge. before we knew it was PTSD, we thought he was just in a mood and being reckless. after we found out, he was still being reckless but we knew it was because of processes he couldn’t control without medication and therapy.

    1. David says:

      He doesn’t need “help”. He needs incarceration … or, more accurately, WE need him to be incarcerated for OUR safety. “F” HIS needs!

      1. louie says:

        i had the same initial response, David– lock him up before he kills somebody.
        but, Rich is smarter than us. Lock him up at a treatment joint and help the guy kick the demons out. He’s gonna get out eventually– if he’s not helped he’ll do it again

      2. marconola says:

        The problem with rehab is that statistically most addicts and alcoholics relapse. Of course, there is no way to predict which ones will so every time we let people like this guy back out, he’s a danger to everyone around him.

      3. JWM says:

        Cases like this are the norm in Mass. 80% of drunk driving cases result in a finding of innocent. Drunk driving in Mass is de facto legal. Every week somone is arested with six or seven DUI convivtions. Then they get in their car and drive away from the courthouse.

      4. doug says:

        Ted Kennedy got away with murder, why shouldn’t this piece of s**t.

    2. Don Kowalski says:

      Amen. We need to stop locking people and find real solutions.

      1. Fu Manchu says:

        OK, by all means, I’m all ears! What is this “solution” you propose?

      2. ILikeRush says:

        If we blind him he will not be able to drive. What if he were to kill one of your family member.

      3. Patric Henry says:

        U like Rush

        UR comment just ignorant.

        Any blind person can drive car or motorcycle.

        What say u?

      4. second thought says:

        You got it backwards. When we find a “real solution” that doesn’t endanger society, we can then stop locking SOME people up. Until then, we need to keep dangerous people in jail. You sould like Michael Moore –

        Moore – “capitalism is awful we need to get rid of it”
        Reporter – “what system should we have”
        Moore – “I don’t know, We need to invent one.”

        Don, don’t be an idiot.

      5. bodge says:

        Put him in a house next to the bar and he wont have to drive, very simple.

    3. Newbern W Johnson says:

      Wait until some drunk kills someone YOU love and see if you still feel the same way.

    4. ramicio says:

      The guy needs help, not to be treated like a criminal. It’s hilarious that they are going to charge him for not wearing a seat belt. What a joke the law is. An addict is sick, not a criminal. It’s funny how you yuppies want him locked up, but complain to no end about what your taxes are used for. People should simply not be charged for a crime unless they hurt someone’s person or property.

      1. Sparrow says:

        He needs to be treated like a criminal because he IS a criminal

        Definitions of criminal (n)
        crim·i·nal [ krímmin’l ] 1.somebody acting illegally: somebody who has committed a crime
        2.punishable as crime: punishable as a crime under the law
        3.prosecuting criminals: relating to or involved in the prosecution and punishment of people accused of committing crimes
        Synonyms: offender, convict, prisoner, felon, lawbreaker, delinquent, villain

        That being said, I don’t believe that you should punish someone AS IF they have hurt someone, UNLESS they hurt someone.
        (Yes, I have had a loved one killed by a drunk driver so don’t even presume to go there)

      2. AnJo1 says:

        An addict may have a hard time resisting alcohol, but are you claiming he’s addicted to driving? baloney. He may have a hard time resisting alcohol, but resisting driving is not that hard – even drunks can do it.

  4. rick says:

    step 1: lock up.
    step 2: throw away key.

    1. gloria says:

      Step 1:restraints on his legs so he is constantly monitored.and get a medical evaluation..
      Step 2: spend nights and weekends doing community service
      Step 3: A heavy enough fine to pay back all the costs of hism ultiple arrests

      1. clean up society says:

        All of that monitoring and babysitting (community service) won’t save much more than having the person in jail. And I’m sure an intelligent drunk could get around the monitoring. Gloria, how about you keep these losers at your house and you can monitor them for free? I’d go for that. Otherwise, my solution is execute the person on the 5th DUI.

    2. frank says:

      that costs a lot of money. You want your taxes raised?

      1. ILikeRush says:

        The demo-c-Rats do. I say let obozo raise the taxes on all the demo-c-Rats only.

      2. clean up society says:

        No, I want to cut welfare programs and lay off excess government workers. No tax increases required.

  5. Jason Burnstein says:

    Massachusetts has the most liberal court system in the USA. None of the judges there have anything between their ears or their legs. This creep belongs in jail for a lengthy sentence before he kills some innocent person or child.

  6. btruth says:

    Simple fix. Just remove his eye balls. Viola, problem solved!

    1. CommonSensePls says:

      He’ll still drive.

      1. jose says:

        and hes still drive drunk, blind drunk

    2. Stephen says:

      “Viola, problem solved!”

      Who is Viola?

      1. Fed Up says:

        It’s Italian and is pronounced: “Wa La!” It means therefore!

      2. GozieBoy says:

        Maybe Voila??

      3. Georgiasaraann says:

        Viola is his ex-girlfriend that he screams for when drunk. He won’t be able to drive by her house anymore but she wants to know how to stop his hollering.

      4. Palangi says:

        Fed Up (below) is an idiot: Voila is French – NOT Italian. Jeesh.

      5. bmp789 says:

        1. Voila is French, not Italian.
        2. It’s pronounced “Vwa Lah”, not “Wah Lah”.
        3. It means, loosely translated, “look here”, as it is derived from the verb “vois” ([you] look), and “la” (there).

    3. clean up society says:

      Might as well just execute him. I am sure a blind drunk will be a drag on society.

  7. a p garcia says:

    This would not happen in Texas. I bet if jail time is ordwered, he will break Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton’s record for least aqmount of time served

  8. Kim C says:

    Drunk driving laws have become increasingly severe over the last 25 years but the actual percentage of traffic accidents attributed to drunk drivers has remained steady. This would indicate that impaired driving is a risk we should just all accept as the price of driving and to make our cars as safe as possible. We cannot be risk free, no matter how many laws we make or how severe the punishment. We can only make more criminals.

    1. N.M.Rich says:

      Same logic applies to gun laws-They do not change behavior

    2. Johnny duke says:

      Texting while driving is as dangerous as driving with.10 BAC.

    3. Cap says:

      Yea, so severe that this guy has been convicted EIGHT TIMES..I bet he really fears the severe drunk driving laws, eh??

      1. jsk says:

        It said 8 arrests, NOT convictions. You don’t know if, or how many, of the charges were reduced.

    4. Eugene says:

      Laws are made to protect society, but seem to only protect the criminals. Our society has set some rules that we would like our citizens to abide by. We expect parents and schools to teach this acceptable behavior to our children. When that fails we must act to correct the bad behavior or eliminate the threat. Obvilusly 7 convictions does not send the correct message or eliminate the threat. Dope him, house him or remove him; but prevent him from driving.

      Many traffic events are called accidents because we are unwilling to admit to our own failings. We don’t want to be held to a high standard. Most accidents can be attributed to the driver; inattention, carelessness, speeding, poor maintenance/repair/up-keep, impairment. Those that fall to the mfg are not the fault of the driver unless that driver failed to respond to a recal, where, then, it would again be the driver/owner’s responsibility. We are human and make mistakes, but we should be held accountable for them. Of the 40K accidents, very few actually are.

    5. David says:

      Good argument, if we were talking about a SECOND offense. This is the EIGHTH offense. Time to throw away the key.

    6. Mary says:

      You may be correct about the severity of the drunk driving laws but I don’t agree with your conclusion. The problem is that the system is not enforcing the law. We do not have to accept the situation. We have laws to combat this, police officers to enforce it and protect us from it, a court system to prosecute these people, we elect representatives who “promise” to be “tough on crime.” All of which we pay for with taxpayer dollars Why should we accept it? Also enforcing laws won’t create criminals, this man is already a criminal. In response to other posts, how he became a criminal is moot at this point. Protecting the pubic is the priority. He should be imprisoned and then attempts to help him should be made. This man has had eight opportunities to improve himself. He is either unwilling or incapable to do so. Does anyone here want to explain to his potential victims families’ that this man had a problem and it wasn’t right to incarcerate him!?! Then you can tell them they should just accept it and buy a bigger SUV next time.

      1. mikey says:

        The problem really centers on application of the law.

        There are groups of attorneys that ‘specialize’ in getting DUI drivers off. And one of the PRIMARY strategies they use is to ask for a NON-JURY trial before a judge. Why? Because there are some judges with ‘conviction rates’ in the microscopic number range. Judges that will throw out a double digit BAC and say it’s not proof, case dismissed. Judges that will will imply the officer didn’t have justification even when VIDEO shows the individual weaving all over the road. Judges that will throw out a case because the officer CAN’T PROVE that the person that WAS behind the wheel is not the person they arrested, EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS NO ONE ELSE IN THE CAR. At an ACCIDENT scene!

        The public needs to be aware of judicial statistics, and needs to take steps to REMOVE this judges by every legal means.

      2. Patric Henry says:

        Mary, Mary – u said……………………

        Does anyone here want to explain to his potential victims families’ that this man had a problem…………you want to judge by “potential”? Minority Report, eh?

        Protecting the pubic is the priority….I totally, 100% agree, the pubic must be protected. ha

      3. second thought says:

        Patrick, do you have no common sense? The guy has done this numerous times already. Mary is saying he should be punished for what he has ALREADY done because his behavior has created a great risk for others and he has shown he will continue this dangerous behavior. It really isn’t that complicated. Lock up criminals so that they don’t continue to victimize society.

    7. second thought says:

      Your last sentence implies that we should not make laws prohibiting harmful behaviors because we will “only make more criminals”. Is that really what you think?

      You do understand that increasing penalties on drunk driving does not create more criminals because it was already illegal, right? Kim, you need to take a logic class.

      Also, there are innumerable factors influencing drunk driving. Isn’t it possible that increased penalties does deter drunk drivers but other factors have changed and the net effect on drunk driving is that it has stayed constant. I know with the drastic penalties, I always think twice before getting in a car after drinking. If it was just a fine only misdemeanor, I probably wouldn’t think twice.

      Of course, I am assuming that what you say is true, which is probably a bad assumption on my part.

  9. Jay says:

    Im reading this and driving drunk right now

    1. gramp says:

      & they have your IP address….Moron


      1. Gramos is a Moron says:

        And the police will track down his IP, address, vehicle description, plate number and arrest him for a silly comment on line? You are the moron, you moron.

      2. gramp says:

        You must have gone to ‘Public School’….


      3. Grandma says:

        Gramp, get off that electric light box thingy and come in here and rub my bunions. Now!!!!

        Truly Yours,

    2. Eugene says:

      Jay, your sarcasm is lost on a few. It is fun to ramp them up and watch them drool, though.

      1. caring comment says:

        You like to make fun of people who drool? You know handicapped and ret@rded people sometimes drool. Do you make fun of them too? Pig.

  10. Larry Keating says:

    where was, is, the outrage over the sainted Massachusetts Senator…… Ted “Bottoms Up” Kennedy…. after he killed / murdered Mary Jo Kepeckne (sp)in 1968….. crickets….. crickets….. leftist liberal crisckets…….

    1. petem says:

      you moron. crawl back in your rathole. statements like yours are just a waste of time…rather than being able to pick something from 43 years ago to make your ‘point’.

      1. GozieBoy says:

        Another loony lib apologist. They cannot accept accountability, otherwise they would all be locked up.

    2. David says:

      His family wealth was equivalent to a 2011 billionaire. He fled the scene, and was missing for over 12 hours, so there was no blood alcohol test. He got away with obstruction of justice, and his crooked father helped. BUT, WHERE IS TED KENNEDY TODAY? SERIOUSLY, HIS FATE IS NOW IN THE HANDS OF ALMIGHTY GOD. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF US.

  11. Barn Cat says:

    Typical of what happens in liberal states. They should lock him up and throw away the key.

  12. Darrel says:

    Is this another of Obama’s uncles?

    1. Jean Poole says:

      No – it’s him himself.

  13. Wally says:

    Just take his liver… and save him the arduous wait…

    1. cel says:

      All that guy is worth is spare parts and buzzard food!

      1. GozieBoy says:

        Please DO NOT give me any of that idiot’s alcohol-damaged spare parts!

  14. Paul says:

    Unfortunately there are plenty people like this out there. I work for an agency in Alabama and just arrested a man on his 11th DUI whose license was also revoked for life.

    1. frank says:

      I guess Republicans live everywhere!

    2. frisbeeeee says:

      the thing i’ve never understood is why not take away the license tag? oh, he could still get behind the wheel, but even if not drinking, he be easy to spot driving around with no tag!!

    3. Patric Henry says:

      send him to AA

  15. Throw the Bum Out says:

    Diaz. Is he legal?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  16. Fred says:

    What an irresponsible man, driving without his seat belt!!

  17. emom says:

    How about sending each and every DUI arrest to a island., No way of and no way to drive once again drunk… Or how about minimize the amount of places these anti-freeze husks can get their booze, Yeah grocery stores are now going to be the choice to get a six pack , then head to the gas station fill up the tank and their belly with booze, then on the way home hit the little variety store Pick up a bottle of wine and a package of cookies,,, Yeah how bright is this state, Oh and lets not forget while he was out and about getting his fix of booze, he then stops off at the local bar, sits down with his Buddies watches some TV and throws back another 2 or 3 bottles of booze,, Not to mention he has already drank a six pack or more been driving around and now wants more of the foamy stuff,, RIGHT vote in grocery stores to sell booze this is what we are faced with,, No one to monitor the drunks and cut them off. Like the bars ever do it. Hell friends don’t even cut off their friends,,, what a wonderful pandora’s box we live in .

    1. N.M.Rich says:

      He’d be better off if his doctor would just prescribe him some drugs.

      1. cel says:

        Yep your right 500 mg of cyanide!

    2. LarryG says:

      Simplified view of life in a complex society and erroneous to boot.

  18. Ran Hansen says:

    Cut off both hands and his right foot.

  19. Apache says:

    Was it Obama’s Uncle?

  20. Scotty says:

    I had the exact same thought! Might not keep him from driving but it sure would make it tough to drink!

  21. WagTheDog says:

    Lots of fun suggestions! After a bit of thought, here’s the only way I can think of to stop this once and for all: mandate installation of a driver’s side foot-well sensor for ignition cut-off in ALL vehicles in the USA. Then mandate that anyone convicted of DUI wear an electronic collar on his right ankle FOR LIFE. Wearer must visit any police station each month to verify the collar is still in place, else wearer gets mandatory 30 days in jail. If wearer tries to drive, the vehicle sensor senses the collar and cuts the ignition circuit. Sure it’s an involved and major cost program, but what else works other than the eyeball or foot removal?

    1. Patric Henry says:

      wagdog, no no no.

      Obama force auto makers to build computer controlled, computer drivern car so no human drive ever again. problem go away.

      what say you?

  22. Gregory Kay says:

    In WV, 2nd offense DUI carries a mandatory 6 months in jail; 3rd offense is a felony with a mandatory 1-3 in the pen. Don’t let them plea bargain, and the problem is solved for at least a year or two.

  23. Jsmith says:

    Time for an ankle bracelet and a loooong time in jail.

  24. PeterB says:

    so put him in the slammer and theow the key away!

    1. frank says:

      You going to pay his costs? You must love to see your taxes go up!

      1. Slammer NoKeys says:

        I didn’t see where he posted that the guy arrested should be taken care of?!

  25. jpd says:

    In MA the 2nd offense is 60 days in jail. But 1st offense driving without a seatbelt? He’s going away for life!

  26. rjm2238 says:

    Let’s take a wild guess, is Mr. Diaz here legally or illegally? I have no idea so take your pick, I’ll guess, illegally. Sooner or later it will come out. The Democrat press can only suppress the facts for so long even if it is to protect a future perceived Democrat vote.
    Oh, and if he kills someone in the mean time, well it’s 50/50 they were Republican so statistically its a good bet for them, worst they can do is break even so let it go.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  27. ih8celebs says:

    stfu….No, I’m not a moron…Not uneducated….Just a guy who is sick of adolescent inputs from dolts like you….

  28. Bubba Johnson says:

    But driving is a basic human right. How dare you take this away. The 1% just doesn’t want this wanker to drive. Time to occupy his ’74 Buick.

    1. nicademus says:

      Driving is not a right. That’s why you need a license to drive. Lock this mofo up!

    2. frank says:

      Dollface, driving is not a right. The US Supreme Court has already decided that. Stop reading comic books! You have to be a Republican!

      1. durbustweeb says:

        Wow. Are you two so daft that you can’t see the sarcasm? (I know “frank” is as he feels the need to drag square political comments into round holes of logic.)

      2. Mike says:

        Frank,Wouldn’t the idea that driving should be a right be more of a liberal Democrat concept? I believe a Republican would think of it more as a responsibility.

  29. R1 says:

    Prevent these types from owning/licensing a vehicle. If someone gives him a car they go down too.

  30. Chris says:

    Ban all mood altering substances, including coffee!

    1. frank says:

      Twinkies stiill OK, right?

      1. Patric Henry says:

        twinkies have alcohol in them, truly.

        So NO! sorry

  31. Chris says:

    Ditto August! How’s that HP working for ya’ Diaz? Find the real God or die.

  32. todaybrown says:

    so you slap his hands and tell him to get back in the car and drive home.. then wait for the 9th time you stop him for drunk driving..

  33. Ken says:

    Advertise him like he is “10 most wanted” so anyone with a cell phone can call the police of his instant where abouts driving. With an APB he’ll be in jail ASAP!

  34. B says:

    1st offense = 1 year in jail
    2nd offense = 2 years in jail
    3rd offense = 4 years in jail
    4th offense = 8 years in jail

    then 16, then 32 etc

    Illegal ? no jail but straight to the airport

    I do not understand what the problem is

    1. frank says:

      You want your taxes to go up?

    2. mikey says:

      Jail time, THEN airport!

      Why send him right back in line to head here again at first chance?

    3. Cathy says:

      Maybe after this loser kills someone the stupid, idiotic, lawyers, and judges will finally do something about this menace, but don’t hold your breath.

    4. Patric Henry says:

      why airport? let him drive.

  35. Albert Diaz says:

    Drinking problem?

    What drinking problem?

    I only drinks when I drives.

    And I only drives after they suspends my licenses…

  36. Diego Roswell says:

    Cars don’t kill people, the criminal justice system kills people.

  37. tom K says:

    Any lawyer, pubic or private, who defends these bafoons should be responsible for their actions to the point of taking on the same sentences and financial judgements that their client would receive. These clowns have been drinking their bathwater tooooooo long!!!!!

  38. Merritt says:

    I have a problem called chronic migraine and because of it I do not drive voluntarily.If I drive anyway I know it would be sociopath on my part.

  39. perseus317 says:

    At this point, it is obvious that the man has absolutely not respect for the law, and also does not give a damn about the people that he puts at risk when he drives. After the latest OUI, the judge should recognize that protection of innocent citizens must be the primary concern, and should sentence the man to a significant time in prison. The time must be significant because it is likely that, as soon as he is free, he will go back to drinking and will attempt to drive drunk again.

  40. David says:

    By the way, the article didn’t tell us what is Mr. Diaz’s profession. I wonder about that.

    1. Paul says:

      Truck delivery driver for Samuel Adams.

  41. mark edward marchiafava says:

    best as I can tell, he didn’t violate anyone else’s rights.

    1. GozieBoy says:

      And if he happened to kill a family in a head-on…?

      1. Patric Henry says:

        yes, prosecute for something that might have happended. I love US.

  42. antiidiots says:

    I’ve some empathy for this guy. He lives in a society where his fellows advocate dismemberment for the errors others may make.

    You’re talking about someone with an obvious mental condition, not a willful crimminal.

    Do Americans really want to follow the example of savage cultures where cutting body parts off is the best solution that occurs to them?

    What parts should you lose the next time you speed again?

    1. thussaiththewalrus says:

      IF you were in a situation where your spouse was maimed for life by a drunk driver, you might have a clue.

      Compassion is one thing; foolish disregard for the public is something else.

      You are protecting a criminal over the safety of society. I am sorry you cannot “figure it out” with imagination and compassion and decency. I am sorry that you cannot see “the side of the innocents.” I am sorry that you choose to protect the evil perp who puts his greedy personal pleasure over the rights of safe passage by the public.

      WHY is his right to “get high” MORE IMPORTANT TO YOU than the rights of other people’s loved ones to just live???

      1. jose says:


    2. GozieBoy says:

      Selective dismemberment? That’s an interesting possibility, given that it was his EIGHTH drink drive offense, antiIDIOTs, not a first speeding ticket! You seem to like this guy, so I hope you two run into each other the next time he’s out for a joy ride.

    3. Patric Henry says:


      What parts u ask? hmmmmmm……………..for speeding? little toe.


    4. anti-antiidiots says:

      Of course!! We want to follow the example of Attilla the Hun, Ivan the terrible and those lovely people in Old England who were so good at drawing and quartering silly people.

  43. antiidiots says:

    PS…to the idiots who assume he’s an illegal because he’s got a Hispanic name…own your racisim and wear it proudly.

    1. pitter43 says:

      I see your point. We all know this would never happen if he was an illegal alien. They have so much respect for our laws. Wear your stupidity proudly.

    2. anti-antiidiots says:

      I wear mine ever so proudly every day. I am especially fond of being biased against self-righteous antiidiots like yourself.

  44. Cleary says:

    You don’t need to cut them off; just keep him in a strait-jacket and feed him with a baby spoon for the rest of his life. I’m sure we could find a InfestWallStreeter who needs a job and might be willing to take a bath to get one.

  45. pitter43 says:

    You’d think they might at least take away his license but not liberals. No brains, no headaches.

  46. Tommy says:

    It seems like after a few convictions that 10 years in jail would be fair. The law needs to do something about cell phone too, I think they are as dangerous or more dangerous than drunk driving.

  47. seaden says:

    Looks like the judge should have given him a longer suspended sentence!

  48. billcrawford says:

    Seems like liberal states are fairly linient with there citizens lives by bending over to accomodate drunk drivers and ileagles. Doesn’t happen in Texas, this is the last place you want to ge caught driving under the influence. It was just a few years ago you could legally drink and drive in Texas same as some parts of Flordia but when Texes put the hammer down or loose hundreds of millions in federal highway funding that was the end of anyone with any common sense drinking and driving over the limit (at least in Texas).

    Williamson County, Texas just recently gave life in prision for a hibitual DUI offender that had slipped through the cracks previously and 16 years in prison for a person that stole a king size snickers bar (previously he stole a pack of smokes and before that some meat from a store, all under $10). Ever hear Don’t Mess With Texas? it covers many areas not just littering.

    And you still do not even want to think about russeling cattle or horse theft here, that does not sit well and under the law you won’t be hanged but the horse or cattle owners can shoot you dead! and they will without a doubt.

    No bleeding heart liberal/progresives need apply or vist here, you are not wanted.

  49. mikey says:

    I think vehicles used by repeat offenders need to be seized.

    If it’s owned by the repeat offender, immediate seizure and sale at auction, with the proceeds split between a victims fund and the arresting department.

    If it’s not owned by the offender, impound the vehicle, with all impound fees (and a fine) for loaning it to ‘banned individual’ the first time to be paid before return of the vehicle. And subsequent loaning of a vehicle by the same entity (individual, corporation, whatever) to the offender results in seizure and sale at auction.

  50. dan says:

    Insanity is trying to do the same dumb thing over and over and expecting different reults.

  51. DapperDon says:

    Actually, there is an easy way to take care of these habitual offenders…..confiscate the car they are driving at the time. Whether it belongs to the perp or he borrowed it from a friend, the vehicle now belongs to the State to auction off. I’ll bet no one would loan their care to an habitual drunk driver at the risk of losing their car.

  52. dareisay says:

    Is this guy legal or illegal? If you pay attention to reports like this, all over the country, most illegals drive drunk and end up hitting someone!

  53. Don Kpwalski says:

    He didn’t hurt anyone. Arresting drunk drivers is like destroying a spider’s web and letting the spider live. Get rid of the booze.

  54. MaryJo says:

    He was simply warming up for the Ted Kennedy Memorial ‘Drink, Drive, Swim’ Triathalon.

  55. Texas Rocks says:

    The Liberal’s remedy would be to make all Americans install alcohol breathalyzers in ever vehicle they own so that he can’t find one to drive.

    1. Patric Henry says:

      madd is working for that right now.

      madd can pay for install…they have lots of mula…..see 990

      dont drink n drive

  56. SickofmediainAmerica says:

    Put his eyes out, then he can’t drive…

  57. Hollywood HIck says:

    If you’re a “star” (albeit a bad one) like Lindsay Lohan, or a drunk mexican – the laws don’t apply.

  58. racefanaz says:

    so WHAT!? its BOSTON home of the so called “southies” who are mainly drunks and alcoholics, i visited there a couple years ago to do some training, and these guys had an unbelievable punk attitude which was NOT backed up on the mat

  59. allen says:

    His state must be like Colorado where there is no felony DUI. In the southwest part of the state where I live it is unfortunately routine to see people with this many DUI’s go through the system. i have known several with 15 or 16 and unless they hurt or kill someone the most they can get is 1 year of jail.

  60. Jeff says:

    It’s time this person began a lengthy prison term. SAY LIFE maybe?

  61. ILikeRush says:

    Exile him from the country. send him to Turkey or Sudan. Some place where it is against the law to drink.

  62. tsar777 says:

    I was heading out of San Francisco north on 80 by Vallejo and saw a car coming the wrong way grazing cars coming at him. He kept going. I got about 5 feet behind a semi and hung tight. Then zip, he went flying past. I doubled back and the cops had him and about 6 people with smashed up cars showed up. The guy was so drunk he did not know what planet he was on. So drunk that he did not have the sense to pull to the shoulder after he began grazing cars. He might as well been riding a horse for all he knew.

    I went to the trial and he was forced to go to AA for 6 months. No jail time other than the 24 hours when they picked him up. Some of the people hit showed up at court too and booed the judge who threatened them with contempt of court

  63. Not Chicken Little says:

    What’s crazy is that he is allowed out, to drive drunk again and again – we need to lock up some of the judges who’ve been setting him free time after time, too. It’s only a matter of time before he kills someone.

  64. stopthemorons says:

    Dear judges; do you think it’s about time to put his a $ $ in jail forever before someone gets killed.

  65. jason says:

    Hopefully this guy will find a big book/sponsor in a city as populated as Boston.

  66. Kev says:

    With everything there is to worry about these days and we all have our panties in a wad over a man driving drunk???? Whoop dee doo. Yawn.

  67. JDB says:

    I prosecuted a guy back in 1991 (I think) for his 16th DUI. He had a .18 BA and blew by a highway patrolman at 85 MPH…ON A MOTORCYCLE! He pled to upper term felony DUI. Back then, upper term was four years.

  68. John Svengali says:

    Sounds like a case of more racial profiling to me!

  69. gary-bg says:

    Obvious solution is lock him in a room with about say 300 dollars worth of booze a big screen TV and let him drink himself to death that’s what he wants anyway.Had a friend with the same drinking problem the last time he was in the hospital his friend said to him you know your drinking yourself to death …his reply was yeah so what’s your point.2 weeks later he was dead sorry situation easy solution.

  70. bruce says:

    Well, judging how things are now in this nation of cowards… if he’s an “immigrant” or living here illegally, you can be certain he will be released to do it again.

  71. vikesfansteve says:

    The state needs to take his vehicle.

  72. omstrat says:

    the last judge who let him out needs to spend time behind bars and should be held financially responsible for any future DWI accidents this clown has

  73. KCEddie says:

    Boy, that seems to be working. Is his last name Lohan ? LMFAO

  74. Libertyman says:

    It’s saddens me to see that the land of the Constitution has morphed into the land of confusion. Society doesn’t owe this sot anything. He is totally antisocial and is a constant threat to every member of his community. No one in the community deserves this threat. No one in your community needs to spend a dime to fix this vermin.
    If you don’t have laws in your state to eliminate this risk then your politicians must pass a law to make that happen. There is no difference between this fool driving drunk than someone firing a heavy weapon into a crowd.
    Either fix your laws or suck it up.

  75. george says:

    The comments here suggesting that the guy will stop driving if his eyes are removed are, I’m afraid, indulging in wishful thinking. My wife teaches adults with various degrees of visual impairment, including macular degeneration and near-blindness, and she will vouch that a lot of people who are essentially blind will STILL get behind the wheel of a car if they jolly well feel like it. Bottom line: You never really know who or what is out there on the roads with you.

  76. LIberalHater says:

    See in California, he would get life time medical at 100% coverage no co-pays, state assigned car service, etc….. This is due to OVER ZEALOUS ASSEMBLY & SEANTOR IDIOT LIBERALS &SUBMENTED BY A BUCKET FULL OF LIBERAL JUDGES BOTH STATE & FEDERAL who now demand the state release prisoners because of overcrowding watched over by correctional officers making around $120,000 per year at the lowest levels. But in CA, prisoners have more rights than the taxpayers (they are allowed to use facebook & they are now threatening victims over the internet in prison, amazing.
    The judge’s constantly jerk the system so what is my point? Tell this guy to move to CA and his benefits will increase over night. Side note, born and raised in MA and left due to the abundance of LIBERAL IDIOTS. Arrived in CA April 1974 watching this great state get toileted by the idiot LIBERALS starting in the early ’80’s. Example some idiot lib in LA wants to buy diapers for all low income families, which will also include all of Mexico. No wonder we are broke and guys like this are the reason. Jail forever at the time of the life time suspension.

  77. billyrumble says:

    Purchase of a long-term bus pass should be a condition of his release.

  78. Daddy-O says:

    Diaz – hmmm – is he legal?

  79. Incredulous says:

    Impossible… How can anyone drive without a license? This story must be a fake or some sort of propaganda agenda. Just let the poor guy drive.

  80. James says:

    The solution is a mandatory 30d jail sentence for the driver and the confiscation of the vehicle by the State.

  81. monstersdoexist says:

    I find it much easier to avoid a drunk driver than these crazyazzz bluehair retirees down here in Florida. They pull out in front of you in a 55 zone, drive 20 miles under in the fast lane, and on and on. I spot the drunks quick enough and just go quickly around them or if not in a hurry, will stay behind them and watch the fun.

  82. matt says:

    8th? Big deal. Up here in liberal MN, some folks have dozens! It’s a disease afterall, drunken morons apparently have no ability to stop. Really, if they cannot do right after a couple, there is no hope for them. Put them in the same jail cell as the pedophiles or kill ’em.

  83. REV Wright says:


    Who did this drunk vote for in 2008?

    Just “axing”……………..

  84. tiredturtle says:

    Let me get this straight–the guy gets his EIGTH DUI arrest and they have to have a “dangerousness” hearing? Put him away for life for heavens sake. The Cops shouldn’t have to deal with this guy ever again.

  85. lj from kansas says:

    Rule 1. NO Exceptions.
    Rule 2. Upon inability to pass on scene drug test perp goes directly to jail for
    30 days. NO EXCEPTIONS, and vehicle perp was driving is impounded
    and sold as soon as possible with proceeds going into jurisdictions general fund. NO EXCEPTIONS. If perp owes money on vehicle, tough.

    This will never pass as there are too many big shots with political power that drive drunk all the time. It’s their right. LOL.

  86. labillyboy says:

    The state should just pay for a Towncar and a chauffeur… it would be cheaper than putting him in prison… they should also do a little research to see if Diaz is in the US legally.If he’s illegal they should pay for some college for him, give him health insurance, food stamps and a gov’t paid place to live and the towncar…

    Seriously, after say 2 or 3 DUI’s you have proven you are not going to stop or obey the law… that’s where they should draw the line. 2 years in the slammer will sober the person up with years added if they are ever caught intoxicated while in prison. A long probation of say 10 years with random alcohol checks If they go back to drinking and another 2 year kicker hanging over their head would give them a chance to safely return to society.

    Alcoholism is a horrible disease that ruins the lives of everyone around the alcoholic. If they don’t quit drinking nothing good can happen.

    1. bodge says:

      It is not a disease, its a choice of lifestyle made after the experience of life. Its a bad choice to make.

  87. danbig says:

    He should be given the needle and put to sleep…

  88. WillCo Tx says:

    Let him come to TX. Williamson County recently sentenced a guy to 99 yrs after his 7th DUI. He almost hit a deputy, they slammed him with a deadly weapons charge. Bye bye.

  89. Stoat says:

    People will stop doing this kind of thing only when the punishment is more than they care to deal with, and the punishment is a certainty.

    Neither of these things are likely to happen in Mass, thanks entirely and exclusively to the Left and their stranglehold on all aspects of the judiciary and most other things in the State.

    Sane people need to vote with their feet and LEAVE Leftist strongholds like Boston for regions that are populated by more logical people.

  90. Less1leg says:

    remove the functions of his feet and legs. I’m pretty sure he can get by. What is the total carnage he has done to his victims of his reckless years of driving. We don’t need him in jail, we need him permanently unable to use a car. So do a medical procedure that effectively removes his ability to operate a car again. Take off his legs.

  91. John M says:

    How many years has he served up to this point? I suggest not nearly enough.

  92. Daniel says:

    Must be another Barack Obama Uncle.

  93. RBDLA says:

    It sounds like Incredulous needs to have some of his family murdered by a drunk driver. I lost my parents to an eighty-five year old accused of drunk driving.

  94. Matthew says:

    The poor guy must have a problem. Offer him freedom and everything paid in full along with his license back with one condition,that he get his arms surgically removed.

  95. Yep Yep Yep Uh Huh says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s a Ted Kennedy joke somewhere in the 200+ posts I’m not going to read or else I would make one.

  96. Mark says:

    In the whole article I never read where he had hurt anyone, ever? All I see is the never ending police state with it’s useful idiot cheerleaders!

  97. Barry Levy says:

    so if you let him out, and he does it again, and harms someone who exactly is responsible.

  98. Joe Sevin says:

    My Brother has had 9 (nine) DUIs as they are called here in California. My Dad had 9 DUIs. All you fools who talk of execution should be executed. The appeals and time spent by the courts to litigate would pay for the national debt. Get Real – idiots.The only person they are hurting is themselves really. Sometime they do hurt others. My brother’s last DUI he was broadsided by a woman who was driving on a suspended from DUI. Yea he was drunk as well and breaking no other laws. How many have I had you may wonder? None – I dont drink. Free Country.

    1. Ana says:

      Joe Sevin – Unfortunately there are too many news stories of drunk or high people killing normal people and/or children when driving under the influence. Alcoholic/addicts hurt themselves, their families and innocents. It sucks. Even in free countries there are laws that need to be obeyed. You are smart not to drink given the clear prevalence of addiction issues on the part of your father and brother. You deserve respect for that choice. I don’t agree with the execution folks, but I don’t disagree with a long jail sentence for the repeat offenders and life in prison if they kill someone. The biggest issue with our prisons in this country is there aren’t enough programs in prison to deal with the addicts, so when they get out of prison on these offenses they don’t have any tools/help to deal with their addiction.

  99. Gunny says:

    Amazing all of you haven’t seen incredulous for what he is, a troll, only saying what is opposite of what the normal reasonable person would say. As for the one statement he made “your right to travel shall not be abridged” he’s correct, he can walk any place he so desires without having to be accosted or asked for papers. driving however isn’t a right. Jail time is an excellent answer for repeat offenders. Here in NY, the second in 10 years is a felony which means jail time. Since he had been convicted prior, a good 20 year sentence would be fine. One should not give the government the power of life and death, they have a hard enough time balancing the books.

  100. Lipstick says:

    I think by the time you get to this many infractions of the DUI Law he should go to jail for about 20 years. Maybe then he will be too old to drive. Living is a right and no one has the right to take that away unless it is just a very very bad accident. He knew he had no liscense. Send him away before he kills somebody.

  101. John G. says:

    This guy needs to be put away for good before he kills someone. Or is this SOP for Massachusetts, letting drunks continue to drive (and be elected to public office)?

  102. tomSERVO says:

    To many hardcore liberals, the greatest crime the guy has done would be not taking public transportation or driving a Prius.

  103. WallyG says:

    Seriously! It’s Massacusettes! They all drive like they’re drunk there! Besides, if Ted Kennedy could drive, imagine the prescedent established by their states #1 drunk? How does Diaz still have a car? And if he borrowed that car it shold be impounded with the owner jailed for as long as Diaz should be.

  104. Moe1138 says:

    Any bets he’s not a U.S. citizen?

    1. TM says:

      the bad news that he is American born and race in the USA

  105. Sara Bellum says:

    Brilliant idea: Mandate breathalizers in ALL vehicles that can be set to register what ever level of alcohol a state decides, two drinks, three and after that it would not start. Yes you can have a sober person start the car but they have to be in the car for retests.

    Bottom line: Alcoholism is a deadly fatal brain disease. This guy needs serious help. God Bless him.

  106. FreudianSlip says:

    Has anyone checked his legal status in the US?

    In California it is common for illegal aliens to drive without a driver’s license or insurance. What’s the penalty?

    People in power don’t respect the laws so why should anyone else. It’s all a joke. The country has been seized by thieves while we watch and do nothing.

    Demand legal justice. Fire everyone and start over. Get people who enforce the laws and put the crooks in jail.

  107. yadda says:

    Its illegal to drive without a license! I just do not understand why someone with a suspended license would drink and drive. Gosh, its like criminals don’t like to obey laws!

  108. Pilot.Dave says:

    This is exactly why reducing the limit from 0.1% to 0.08% has ZERO effect on safety… Neither level is felt by most people, and BONE HEADS like this guy don’t care about laws and limits…

  109. Ana says:

    Clearly this guy deserves a big time jail sentence. Perhaps part of the DUI solution is a change in drivers licenses and required scanners in each car. No valid license, then no ability to start the car and drive. If you require the scanner in all cars, then a valid US drivers license would start any car – so you could borrow a friends car if you have a valid license. Anyone from outside the US would need to get a special permit before renting. DUI needs to be stopped. I have a friend who had one and claims to be remorseful. The reality is she was remorseful that she was caught before she left the parking lot. It hasn’t stopped her from drinking and being fall down drunk in bar bathrooms. This is a person who should never have gotten her license back because she was stupid enough to post pictures of herself drinking on facebook during a time when she was on diversion. Some people never learn. My exfriend has an MBA and will never learn so our government needs to find a way to stop self-destructive, selfish morons from killing someone.

  110. Incredulous says:

    He should receive nothing. No crime was committed. Drinking is legal as well as driving. Only an idiot believes this guy is a bad person. So what, he drank and drove. I don’t drink and drive but in America you should be allowed to do anything as long as you cause no harm. If you crash into someone, whilst drunk, you are no more culpable than someone who is not and has the same accident. Stop being mind controlled sheep.

  111. H. D. S. says:

    Yes, this guy is guilty as hell! However the law enforcing agents that dealt with him the previous times, they should also be locked up in as much as they are just as dangerous as this fellow, right?

  112. Kathy Barnes says:

    8 DUI’s won’t even get you a ticket in New Mexico…………….

    More than 300 drivers were arrested last year for their 4th or subsequent DWI.

    Stephen Stuck got his 14th DWI arrest. (He has 6 convictions.) He was hauled off to jail three times for DWI in just two months in 1992.

    Peter Silversmith also got his 14th DWI in 2010; he has 10 convictions.

    News 13 profiled Apolonio Lopez last year when he got his 18th DWI charge; he’s been convicted 11 times. A Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy said Lopez almost rammed him from behind as he flew down I-25 last April.

  113. dean keaton says:

    break the jagoff’s hands

  114. bob from mi says:

    I have not had a Michigan drivers since 1993 (due to multiple DUIs) and I still drive. I pay cash for the vehicle, make up my own fake tabs and I’m on my way. Once the state has teir hooks into you, you have to continue to be a lawbreaker.

    1. mikey says:

      “I have not had a Michigan drivers since 1993 (due to multiple DUIs) and I still drive. I pay cash for the vehicle, make up my own fake tabs and I’m on my way. ”

      You’re a liar just trying to impress people and rile them up. Grow up, and leave the forums to the adults.

  115. Rick says:

    there was a guy who sued a company for getting fired after getting his 4th DUI and his profession was a TRUCK DRIVER – and the EEOC upheld his complaint after he “claimed” his drinking problem was a DISABILITY! Now how stupid is that! One law says one thing – another says something else.

  116. Patrick says:

    Maybe Odumbo will pardon him…

  117. DapperDan says:

    Clearly it’s time for double secret probation.

  118. dan the drunk says:

    he is an ok guy, just leave him be, hes not hurting anyone

  119. Slammer says:

    The government could eraicate “Drunk Driving” instantly if they really wanted to with MANDATORY OEM vehicle “Alcohol Ignition Interlock” required on every vehicle sold in the United States. This will never happen due to the incredible amount of money the states and the courts receive from the fines, fees,,,,etc. The state coffers NEED drunk drivers.

  120. nazi pelosi says:

    , if your an Illegal criminal alien in MA you can rape , commit violence , rob, and steal, and have multiple DUIs , be on Welfare, in taxpayer funded public housing, be related to Obama and get released by the liberal idiots until you kill someone and then and only then you might get prosecuted. I moved out that screwed up state of Taxachusetts years ago and never regretted it I will bet he is an Illegal Alien and its Massachussetts so the law only applys to taxpaying citizens

  121. buy vpn says:

    Valuable information. Fortunate me I discovered your web site unintentionally, and I’m shocked why this twist of fate did not happened in advance! I bookmarked it.

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