A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Well kids……it happened.  The Great and General Court of Massachusetts approved it, our ill-advised Governor signed it and now it’s happening.   The corrupt Commonwealth of Massachusetts is all set to build some gambling casinos and at least one parlor….love that term “parlor’…for slot machines.  No surprises here I guess.   The legislature has been pushing this idea for years and for a long time, the clearer heads have prevailed.   Governor Deval Patrick at first said “no” but he too caved like a sandcastle at high tide and now it’s gonna happen.

     Oh yes, the powers that be (Reps and Senators) after being wined and dined to the tune of millions of dollars by the casino advocates, tweaked the legislation to cover their own collective butts and said “yes.”    One example, they removed the safeguard mentioned in my previous posting on this issue, which said lawmakers are not allowed to work for the casinos until one year after leaving office.   Yup, they removed that warm and fuzzy rule…so now….anything goes…anytime anywhere.    I still think downtown Andover would be a great spot for one casino.   Perhaps another in Wellesley…..or maybe Dover/Sherborn area.  Slot parlor for sure should go on Beacon Hill somewhere….maybe Pinkney Place or Charles Street….ya think?

     How ’bout Richmond, Massachusetts for a casino.   Wadda ya think Deval?

     As if Massachusetts didn’t have enough problems with corruption, the past three former Speakers of  the House convicted of felonies.  We are the biggest bookie joint in the country with our state lottery…but no…that’s not enough. Let’s do debauchery at the highest level, give Sloth Vegas a run for its money and make sure……I mean for damn sure…a fool and his money are soon parted.

  1. JohnC says:

    As we know, gambling is a tax on the mathmatically-challenged.

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