WOBURN (CBS) – Two more people, including the daughter of a Boston Police officer, have been charged in connection with a September jewelry store heist that led to the shooting of a Woburn police officer.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports.

Seventeen-year-old Erianiss Murillo of Dorchester was arrested and charged with masked armed robbery, possession of a firearm, and assault with intent to murder.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

Sources tell WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran that Murillo went into Musto Jewelers on Sept. 6 and buzzed in 25-year-old Antonio Matos, who’s accused of trying to kill Woburn Police Officer Robert DeNapoli.

Officer DeNapoli was shot several times and wounded by Matos after the attempted heist, according to police. DeNapoli is still recovering from his injuries.

Also arrested in the incident was 21-year-old Hector Baez.

A fourth suspect, 18-year-old Allegra Martinez, the daughter of a Boston Police officer, turned herself in Wednesday afternoon.

According to Curran, the two women lived together in Dorchester. Sources told Curran Martinez fled to Rhode Island before she turned herself in.

Woburn District Court Judge James Barretto ordered Murillo and Martinez be held on $250,000 cash bail, $2.5 million dollar surety.

Comments (9)
  1. bosmonkey says:

    Stupid, stupid girl. See ya.

  2. Thor's hammer says:

    well this is a no brainer. she gets charged as an adult. note to those approaching the microphone – we are not accepting “she’s a good girl,” “she got in with the wrong crowd,” or any variation on those themes. attempted murder of a cop is the big time long sentence. and while she’s sentenced to hard time, no perks for perps: i.e. no computer/phone/visitors/free education on the commonwealth’s dime/visitors. the cells should be no more than 6 ft in diameter with no windows and minimal electricity.real hard time should cut down on recitivism. justice for the victim of the crime. hope the 4th lowlife is caught soon.

  3. cynthia says:

    she did not “FLEE” to rhode island, the cops were WELL AWARE of her location, and if they chose to tell the DA different than that just proves how cops are grimey people as well!

    1. Susan M says:

      If she fled or not has nothing to do with the police knowing her location or not, and nothing to with what the police may have told the DA. It just means she took off to Rhode Island. What’s the problem?

  4. J Enfry says:

    Looks as if Mass will lead the way to the US slipping into a third world country. Be sure to keep voting Democrat

  5. John In Florida says:

    She doesn’t look too high in the photo, does she?

  6. Mr. Mom says:

    She could have just been living or staying in RI…. it is, like 15 minutes away. I go from RI to MA all of the time, I wouldn’t call it “fleeing RI” everytime I go home.

  7. lilbrick says:

    Looks like “Muri” Murillo got a case coming. Oh well. Next time ordnance may be coming her way (and rightfully so) if she gets involved in something like this again and fails to “shape up”…ship ’em out.

  8. k.k says:

    i dont think she a bad person at all but i dont think she be hit with all them chargers and i think u should give her a chance

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