BOSTON (AP) — Gov. Deval Patrick has signed into law a bill allowing beer and wine to be sold at more supermarkets in Massachusetts.

The new law will gradually increase the number of liquor licenses that can be held by a single company.

Companies that own multiple stores around the state can now sell beer and wine at no more than three of those stores. The bill — which won the approval of the Massachusetts House and Senate — would allow for two additional licenses in 2012, two in 2016 and two more in 2020.

A group that represents supermarkets had gathered signatures to put the issue on the ballot, but then agreed to drop the measure if the bill became law.

A similar ballot question was defeated by voters in 2006.

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Comments (9)
  1. emom says:

    Hey why not go all the way and start selling more and more at gas stations, donuts and coffee shops and OH HELL why not just put up a kiosk in a mall to sell shots.. Why do we need more and more places that booze can be sold at. what is the liquor stores not stocked enough… I mean they are open just as much..or is it merely a inconvenience to stop there.. We had a grocery store that did sell it , then they pulled it out, To much problems, Kids come in and steal the bottles and no one was minding the store, You wait . It will happen again, I know other states sell liquor and it can be helpful for last minute stuff , But at what point is it to much. We are promoting drinking and thus driving,. Its become a huge epidemic problem and The more places that sell alcohol the more of a drunk getting on the road. YEAH YEAH I KNOW I AM STUCK UP,, Yeah tell that to people whom have had to deal with these drunk drivers, Leaving gas stations because they bought a six pack, Just left a restaurant after drinking to much with friends and or family and no one stopped them or how about having a person god forbid leave a grocery store already drunk in such a terrible state and goes in and buys a bottle of something and then goes to their car and drinks it and then drives off, YEAH YEAH ,, I have heard it all.. Good luck. It just opens the door for so many more drunks and so many more problems. But hey what do I know I have only had to deal with these anti freeze filled booze heads, Where ever they can get that drink they will, and now they will go get booze and munchies. OH JOY.

  2. fed up in Mass says:

    The stores in Mass are finely katching up to the rest of the country. Maybe the price of beer will drop now since the liquor stores don,t have the monopoly any more.

  3. says:

    Seriously, that’s why I buy my beer at the supermarkets in New Hampshire. It’s always cheaper there, and about 5 minutes from where I work.

  4. emom says:

    Don’t bet on the prices dropping , Just because they will be able to sell beer and wine, From what I saw in other states they all stay pretty competitive. I hardly see better prices at the supermarket than any where else, Besides the big liquor stores do have sales on what they sell, You just have to look.. I think its because they feel they are loosing out on a monopoly because they want a piece of the pie. that’s all.

  5. JohnC says:

    Once again the legislature and governor ignore the will of the people. As was said in the story, in 2006 the voters chose not to increase the number of liquor licences held by one person or corporation.

  6. david b says:

    It’s laws like this that put me out of business. The days of independant mom and pop stores are over!!

    1. Bob B says:

      I agree. We are right across the street from a supermarket. If they get a license we will have to close our doors after 19 years of hard work. Little people do not matter anymore. sad.

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