By Lisa van der Pool, Boston Business Journal

BOSTON (CBS) – Social media can be dangerous, but it can also help prove you’re not a jerk to prospective employers when you’re looking for a job.

Art Papas, the CEO and co-founder of Boston’s Bullhorn, which makes recruiting software, gave us these tips for the three biggest social-media sites.


Let’s talk Twitter first, and this tip is easy.

Search #jobs.

All sorts of job listings will pop up, and you’ll find recruiters and other job aggregating accounts that you can follow.

Papas says a lot of these posts on Twitter might not even be posted anywhere else on the web.


Of all the social media sites, Linkedin might be considered the most professional.

Having an account is a must.

But, Papas says, you need to constantly tweak it, improve it, and update it.

That gives prospective employers the hint that you’re on the hunt for a job.


As for Facebook, this is sometimes the most personal of all the social media pages and it’s standard practice now that recruiters will check your Facebook account to look into your background.

This sounds like common sense but bears reminding – no inappropriate or drunk pictures – and make sure your tweets and posts are benign.

And this is interesting.

Any time an employer is looking to make a hire, they’re not just looking for your qualifications, they’re making sure you’re not a jerk.

Read more of Lisa’s report in the Boston Business Journal.

Watch Lisa’s report:

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