BOSTON (AP) — Sponsors of proposals to allow terminally ill patients to self-administer life-ending drugs and to legalize marijuana for medical purposes claim they have gathered enough signatures to move the measures closer to a spot on next year’s state ballot.

The sponsors of all proposed ballot questions face a Wednesday deadline to file a minimum of 68,911 signatures of registered voters with city and town clerks around Massachusetts.

The signatures must be certified by the clerks before they’re turned in to the Secretary of State’s office next month.

Sponsors of two other initiative petitions also claim to have enough signatures to move forward. One is a so-called “right to repair” measure that would require auto manufacturers to share diagnostic information with independent repair shops. The other would create a new system for public school teacher evaluations.

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  1. jway says:

    Half of Congress are millionaires and marijuana just doesn’t fit into their privileged view of society. Brandy, tobacco and beer (for the commoners) are all fine, but god forbid not that smokey, sticky herb, cannabis. It simply would not be “proper” for them to legalize adult marijuana sales even though their federal marijuana prohibition DOESN’T prevent people from buying, selling and using marijuana and DOES empower the Mexican drug cartels and make marijuana easily accessible to children by creating large profits for drug dealers where otherwise there would be NONE.

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