The Patriots beat the Chiefs at Gillette 34-3 on Monday Night Football. Tom Brady threw for 234 yards and two touchdowns in the win.

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin spoke with Toucher & Rich about the win, keeping Brady in with the game in hand and Rob Gronkowski.

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When a game is in hand like last night and there are only a few minutes left most team pull their starting quarterback to protect him from getting hurt in plays that don’t really matter. Most times Brady is left in these games. How does Colvin feel about leaving Brady in once these games are pretty much decided?

“I think there are times when Bill wants to prove a point and no one really ever knows until it’s over and said and done. A lot of times the players want to stay in the game. I know Tom, just from knowing him personally, he wants to play every single snap and so giving those young guys the opportunity to play with him like the young running back the center. Bill thinks about all those things and you never know if that’s the reason why he left Tom in the game, to give him more work with the backup center or to keep his guys focused and playing 60 minutes,” Colvin said.

Brady and the Patriots scored with just about one minute after already leading the Chiefs by 27-3 to go up 34-3. As a defensive player was Colvin ever bothered by teams running up the score or could he understand players getting up set?

“I think you could say you could take it personally, but at the same time I think the old adage is stop them. If your tired of it stop them, don’t let them get in the end zone, don’t let them get the first down,” said Colvin.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski has 10 touchdowns on the season and 26 so far in his two year NFL career. Is he the best tight end in the game?

“I think the roll they have put him in, the way that they use him he’s definitely shown that he has the speed and he has the physical nature to pass and catch and block in the NFL on a high level. It doesn’t hurt to have a guy like Tom throwing you the ball where he puts the ball in places where it’s definitely catchable, but this guy catches ball that are in bad spots and he also makes plays down the field when it comes to taking the catch and getting extra yardage,” Colvin said.

Plus listen to what Colvin has to say about the teams in the NFC and that kid named Tebow.


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