NEW HAVEN, CT (CBS) – Connecticut’s medical examiner’s office say the death of a Massachusetts woman at a Harvard-Yale game this past weekend appears accidental, according to the Hartford Courant.

Nancy Barry, 30, of Salem, was struck and killed by a U-Haul truck while she was tailgating outside the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut.

Two other women were also injured in that crash.

The driver, 21-year-old Yale student Brendan Ross, passed a field sobriety test and police do not believe he was drinking.

His lawyer says a vehicle malfunction is to blame.

According to the CBS affiliate in Hartford, the truck model in question, a 1999 Ford F-350, has had hundreds of customer complaints, including many complaints involving sudden acceleration.

U-Haul says not all 1999 F-350’s are the same and using to these overall complaints to make decisions would not be practical.


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